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Off-Campus Login Procedures

  • if you are working through this tutorial from off-campus, you will need to verify that you are a current Memorial user in order to access the restricted resources from the Library's home page
  • you will be asked to verify by logging in, using your User ID (or Alt ID) and PIN
  • this is NOT the same as your MUN Login ID!
  • your Library User ID is your 13 digit barcode number on your student card. Your Alt ID is much easier to remember—it's your student number
  • your Library PIN is a four digit number given to you by the Library's Circulation Desk (Distance students request their PIN online)
  • if your ID & PIN don't work, it is usually because you have not updated your library account (only current students can access many of our resources)—contact the Circulation Desk or update online.

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Working with Two Browser Windows

  • some of the modules require you to open another browser window for your live practice searches
  • to open another browser window:
    • click on File in the top left corner
    • move your mouse over New, then move to the right, and click on Window or Navigator Window
    • in your new window, go to the library homepage
    • if you are working from home, follow the How to access Library resources from Home procedures before proceeding
  • throughout the tutorial, when you see the SWITCH icon,Switch icon you should switch to your practice window and complete the assigned exercise (you can switch back and forth between the tutorial instructions and the practice window). When you have completed the exercise, switch back to the tutorial to continue.
  • Please Note: clicking the switch icon will NOT open a new browser window! you must do this manually.
  • there are two ways to switch back and forth between two browser windows:
    • using the rectangular buttons at the very bottom of your screen
    • using the CTRL + TAB function (while holding down the CTRL button, press TAB to move between open windows)

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D2L General

  • Desire 2 Learn (D2L) is an educational software package used to deliver course content, exercises, quizzes, etc., over the internet
  • The LRE works best in Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher)
  • if you experience problems viewing the material or you get error messgaes when following links, you may need to complete the D2L System Check to ensure the proper browser settings are enabled
  • navigate through each module using the content links on the left side of your screen
  • in the navigation bar at the top of every page are a number of links links, the main ones are:
    • Content—a quick list of links to every page in the module
    • LRE Help—a link to the help file
    • Glossary—definitions of library and internet terms

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How to get Help

  • there are several ways for you to get help when you need it—this page is only one of them!
  • consider working on this tutorial in the library, if possible, so that you have easy access to a librarian for any questions you may have
  • Ask a Librarian provides access to telephone, email, and live chat help from the library. Look for this link in the navigation bar at the top of every page.
  • if you are having technical problems with your D2L account, contact D2L support:
    • by phone - Local at 737-8700; Toll Free at 1-866-435-1396
    • by fax - 709-737-4070
    • by email -

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  • the general term "Library", as used in this tutorial, refers to all libraries in the Memorial University Library System:
    • Queen Elizabeth II Library
    • Health Sciences Library
    • Ferriss Hodgett Library (Grenfell)
    • Dr. C.R. Barrett Library (Marine Institute)
    • Curriculum Materials Centre
  • we've tried not to use too much confusing library jargon (or we've explained it when you really have to learn it!), but just in case we slipped...there is a glossary available at:

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Article Indexes Problems

  • Are you having trouble getting into the index? If so, there are two possible reasons:
    1. if you are off-campus, have you followed the off-campus login procedures? if not, close down all the index windows, exit the Library Catalogue, follow the Off-campus login procedures, and try again
    2. is your library account up to date? If not, your access has expired and you must contact the Circulation Desk or update your account online
  • If you have done it all and it is just not responding:

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Library Catalogue Problems

  • Did you get a message saying the "webpage has expired"?
    • you may have used your browser's BACK button instead of the Catalogue's own GO BACK link using the Catalogue's built in navigation will prevent this problem. Click the refresh button on your browser to get back to your search.

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Exercises and Quizzes

  • there are two types of exercises throughout the tutorial:
    • live practice exercises in which you are directed to SWITCH to another browser window in order to do a live search
    • TEST YOURSELF exercises in which you will be presented with simple true/false or multiple choice questions
  • each module has a final quiz of 10 questions each
  • you may do the quizzes more than once, unless otherwise specified for your course.
  • for the quizzes, be sure to:
    • click on the SAVE ANSWER button for each question
    • click on the FINISH button at the bottom once you have answered all the questions
    • if you are warned that some answers have not been saved, click on CANCEL and save those answers before clicking on FINISH again
    • after you have submitted your quiz for grading, click on the VIEW RESULTS button to see your results and get feedback on each question

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Visual Icons

Contents icon —a list of each page in that module, with links to the pages. Useful if you wish to jump back to a previous section, or jump ahead.
Glossary icon —an alphabetical list of library and research-related terminology. Useful if you come across a word that you don't understand.
Help icon —a list of help topics and troubleshooting suggestions that are specific to this tutorial. Useful whenever you are having any difficulties—a quick solution may be there.
Switch icon —indicates that you must switch to your other browser to do a live search or exercise. When you are done, switch back to the tutorial. (More info about switching between browser windows).
Tip icon —indicates that an added tip or hint is available. Do NOT click on the "Tip" icon, simply place your mouse over the icon and the tip will automatically appear. In most cases, moving the mouse away will cause the tip to disappear. (In instances where the tip is available for printing, you will need to use the "X" to close the tip).
Test Yourself icon —indicates that a self-test is available to help you check your understanding of the material. To do the test, click on Self Test screen capture in the Action Menu at the top of the page. Self-tests are not recorded in the grades of the tutorial—only the final quizzes count toward your grades.

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February 6, 2014