Internet Resources for Political Science

There is a wealth of information on the World Wide Web, but sometimes it is difficult to find a good starting point. The following meta sites have been selected as good guides to Political Science.

Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
(University of Windsor)
Includes extensive coverage of Canadian, American and European politics. Also includes links to sites on the following topics: defense and security studies, environmental politics, feminism, human rights, intelligence studies, international organizations, terrorism, international political economy and political theory. The url for this site is

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
(Keele University)
Coverage includes area studies (with a large number of links for British politics), elections, constitutions, political parties, theory, political thought, local government and international relations. The site includes a search engine and many of the links are annotated. The url for this site is

Political Science Resources on the Web
(University of Michigan)
This well-organized site has both a search engine and an alphabetical index which facilitate browsing by subject. Extensive annotations are also included. The site is particularly strong on American politics. The url for this site is

Political Resources on the Net
This site includes more than 15,000 links arranged by country. The emphasis is on political parties, organizations, elections and the media. Some of the links are annotated and a search engine facilitates navigation. The site is maintained in Italy, but apart from minimal Italian- language directions, the language of the site is English. The url for this site is