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Calculators On-Line Center
(Calculators for all Manner of Disciplines and Measurements, from the University of California - Irvine)

Chronologies & Timelines

Timelines MUN Only.
(From Oxford Reference Online)
Year By Year
(Milestones, Historic Events, Timelines, and so on from 1900 - 2001. There are Links to Other Chronologies as well)

Art History

  Helibrunn Timeline of Art History
  Master of Arts in Art History: Timeline of World Art


Current Value of Old Money
(Provides Access to Sites Which Show The Changing Value of Money Over Time.
Daily Noon Rates
Bank of Canada website that gives the daily exchange rates for major currencies vis-à-vis the Canadian dollar. Published every business day at approximately 1 p.m. EST.
The Salary Calculator
(compare the cost of living between countries, cities)
Universal Currency Converter (from Xenon Labs)

Library Science

Outline of the Library of Congress Classification
(Useful for Understanding the Classification of Books by Subject at the Queen Elizabeth II Library at Memorial University of Newfoundland and at Other Academic Libraries Using the Library of Congress Classification System)

Science & Technology

Common Weights and Measures
(from Berkeley)
Mammal Species of the World
(Search by Scientific or Common Name. Taxonomic Levels Includes Order, Family, Subfamily, Genus, Species)
NCBI Taxonomy Browser
(Taxonomic Information for a Variety of Organisms. Searching is by Scientific or Common Name - From the National Center for Biotechnology Information)
NIST Chemistry Webbook
(Thermodynamic and Ion Energetic Data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Physical Reference Data
(Physical Constants, Units, and Conversion Factors from the National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Scholarly Societies Project Meeting/Conference Announcement List
(Upcoming Scholarly Conferences and Meetings In Canada and Around The World - From the University of Waterloo)
Smithsonian Physical Tables
WebElements Periodic Table
(From the University of Sheffield)


NSSN: A National Resource For Global Standards
(A Directory of Standards From Around the World - From the American national Standards Institute)

September 19, 2012
Dianne Taylor-Harding