Rossi Files

Dr. C.R. Barrett Library

The Rossi Files are a collection of more than 6000 pamplets, project guides, and manuals from companies in marine related fields. They are an important resource for students studying marine systems design and naval architecture.

Most were collected by Sergio Rossi, a marine systems design instructor at the Fisheries and Marine Institute. His files were donated to the library upon his retirement. Current material has been added by other faculty.

Materials are arranged in boxes by LC subject on the Rossi Files shelves. Brief records describing each pamplet, guide or manual have been added to the Memorial University Libraries ilink catalogue.

Search for materials held in the Rossi Files using company name, keyword or Library of Congress subject, and limits "Library= Fisheries & Marine Institute" and "location = FILES". Items are loaned for a two week period.

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October 6, 2008
Catherine Lawton