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Name Email   Phone   PositionDepartmentLibrary
Alcock, Lindsay 864-6072 Head, Public Services Public Services


Alcock, Erin 864-8316   Public Services  Collection Strategies QEII
Ambi, Alison 864-7125 Head, Collection Strategies Collection Strategies QEII
Antle, Theresa - On Leave     Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Ball, Robert 864-3189   Administration QEII
Balsara, Aspi 864-7427   Public Services QEII
Bangma, Janet


Associate University Librarian, HSL, LITS, QEII (Cataloguing & Metadata, Serials & Acquisitions, Libray Administration) Administration HSL
Bowden, Anne 778-0445     MI
Brown, Mark 864-6070   Lending Services HSL
Cahill-Bouzane, Jessica  778-0365      MI
Canning, Alice 864-4501   Public Services QEII
Clark, Amy 864-6071   Acting LAB7 (Lending Services) HSL
Cleyle, Susan 864-3862 University Librarian Administration  QEII
Coady, Nicole 864-6198   Public Services QEII
Condon, Terri-Lynn 864-2196   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Cook, Michelle  864-4904   Administration HSL
Costello, Joanne 864-4376   Public Services QEII
Courtenay, Carolyn

864-7470   Library IT Services QEII
Darby, Karen 864-2999   Public Services HSL
Dawe, Glenda 864-3141   CNS QEII
Delaney, Krista 

864-7423    Public Services QEII 
Doody, Christine 864-3196   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Doucette, Donna 864-4858   CNS QEII
Downey, Mary 864-8023   Serials & Acquisitions  QEII
Duda, Danial 864-3198   Public Services QEII
Dunphy, Denise 864-6052   Administration HSL
Ellis, Richard 864-3187 Librarian Emeritus  Honorary Research Librarian QEII
Fahey, Sue 864-7439 Head, Serials & Acquisitions Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Farrell, Alison 864-4908 Public Services Librarian Public Services HSL
Field, Colleen 864-3235   CNS QEII
Fitzpatrick, Mike 864-7438   Serials & Acquisitions QII
Fleming, Lori 864-6070   Lending Services HSL
Fowlow, Dion 864-6012   Information Resources Management HSL
Fry, Susan 864-7465   Circulation Education
Furey, Darren 864-2987 Head, Cataloguing & Metadata Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Gamsby, Patrick 864-2124 Scholarly Communications Librarian Library IT Services QEII
Gillam, Brett 864-3130   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Gillies, Ian 864-3130   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Glavine, Christina 864-7428   Administration QEII
Godfrey, Krista 864-3753 Digital Initiatives Librarian Library IT Services QEII
Goosney, Janet 864-3166 Information Literacy Coordinator Public Services QEII
Hancock, Victor 864-2084   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Hannaford, Keith 864-7442   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Hawkins, Carolyn 864-7419   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Hefford, Melissa  864-4917   Founders' Archive HSL
Hennessey, Paula  864-7429   Administration QEII
Hewitt, Sharon 778-0698     MI
Hillier, Jackie 864-2685   CNS QEII
Holloway, Nicole 639-2383  Acquisitions Public Services Grenfell
Howell, Krista 637-2185  Periodicals Public Services Grenfell
Inkpen, Donna 864-7422  Library Research & Instructional Assistant Public Services QEII
Ivany, Paul 864-3177   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Jin, Jae

864-7423   Public Services QEII
Kearsey, Susan - on leave 864-2529   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Kinsella, Heather 864-8514   Library IT Services QEII
Lawlor, Tina 778-0613     MI
Lawton, Catherine 778-0300     MI
Lewis, Ryan 864-6728 Social Sciences Research Liaison Librarian Public Services  Collection Strategies QEII
Little, Gordon 864-7804   Library IT Services QEII
Maddigan, Beth 864-2188 Education Librarian Education Librarian Education
Manning, Donna 864-7433   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Matthews, Deanna 864-7475   CNS QEII
McGillis, Louise 637-2184 Associate University Librarian, Grenfell Library, Harlow, QEII (Collection Strategies, Archives & Special Collections, CNS, Public Services) Administration Grenfell
McKibbon, Meghan 864-3159 Head, Public Services Public Services QEII
Mercer, David 864-3226   Public Services QEII
Miskell, Patrick 864-4465   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Morgan, Pamela 864-6008 Head, Division of Information 
Resources Management and Archives
Information Resources Management HSL
Newhook, Christa 864-2355   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Nolan, Martin 864-3565   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Norman, Donna 864-7426   Public Services QEII
Norris, Jessica

864-7423   Public Services  QEII
Noseworthy, Paulette 864-3240   Archives & Special Collections QEII
O'Brien, Charlotte 864-2574    Public Services QEII
O'Leary, Gloria 864-8007   Serials & Acquisitions  QEII
Park, Anita 637-2182 Evening/Weekend Student Assistant Supervisor Public Services Grenfell
Patterson, Jordan

864-7990  Metadata Librarian  Cataloguing & Metadata QEII 
Penney, Charmaine 864-2081   Public Services QEII
Penney, Stacey - on leave 864-3183 Cataloguing Librarian Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Pitcher-March, Jackie

864-3862 Assistant to the University Librarian Administration QEII
Power, Carmelita 864-7420   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Power, Kristine 864-3188 Communications Coordinator Administration QEII
Power, Sonia 864-7469   Library IT Services QEII
Pretty, Heather 864-2449 Cataloguing Librarian Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Quigley, Colleen 864-3238 Divistion Head, Archives & Special Collections/Manuscripts Librarian Archives & Special Collections QEII
Quinn, Brian 778-0666     MI
Rodgers, Wendy 864-4439 Humanities Research Liaison Librarian Public Services  Collection Strategies QEII
Romme, Kristen 864-6064 Public Services Librarian  Public Services HSL
Rose, Andrea 637-6271 Document Delivery Public Services Grenfell
Rose, Crystal 637-2183 Head, Public Services, Grenfell Library Public Services Grenfell
Rose, Kathryn 864-3139 Humanities Research Liaison Librarian - History Public Services  Collection Strategies QEII
Russell, Bryan 864-4018   Archives & Special Collections QEII
Sexty, Suzanne     Honorary Research Librarian QEII
Shore, Kate 864-3704  Access Services Librarian Public Services QEII
Skanes, Katie 864-7430   Administration  QEII
Small, Lisa 864-4352   Public Services QEII
Smith, Becky 864-7829 Music Librarian  Music  Music/QEII
Stapleton, Karen 864-7423   Public Services QEII
Squire-Grace, Sherry 864-2899   Administration HSL
Squires, Lesley 864-8328   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Stephenson, Monika 864-6070   Lending Services HSL
Strickland, Heather 637-6267 Circulation Staff Supervisor Public Services Grenfell
Swab, Michelle 864-6571 Public Services Librarian Public Services HSL
Taylor, Cathy 864-3153   Library IT Services QEII
Thompson, Sharon 864-7475   CNS QEII
Tiller-Hackett, Amanda 864-7281 Collections Librarian Collection Strategies  QEII
Tucker, Liza-Ann 864-7466 Circulation Supervisor Circulation Education
Wade, Keith 864-6171   Administration QEII
Wade, Marguerite 864-3178   Cataloguing & Metadata QEII
Wagner, Shawn 864-4012 Senior IT Consultant Library IT Services QEII
Walsh, Deidre 864-3185   Administration QEII
Walsh, Don 864-2061   Library IT Services (Digital Archives) QEII
Warner, Patrick 864-6736 Special Collections Librarian Archives and Special Collections QEII
White, Carl 864-7475   CNS QEII
White, Linda 864-4074  Archivist Archives & Special Collections QEII
White, Louise - On Leave 864-6901 Associate University Librarian, QEII, Marine, Music, Education   MI/QEII
Whitfield, Kim 864-4449   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Williams, Stephanie 864-3548   Serials & Acquisitions QEII
Williamson, Sandy - On Leave     Lending Services HSL
Wood, Alberta Auringer 666-3282   Honorary Research Librarian QEII
Woolgar, Colleen 864-7421   Serials & Acquisitions QEII