Liaison Librarians

The purpose of the Library Liaison Program is to establish and build upon partnerships with teaching and clinical faculty. The liaison, as a discipline's formally designated contact, can answer questions about the library and inform faculty of library services, programs, workshops, and resources. The liaison will arrange training sessions, literature searching consultations, and collections consultations as needs are identified. The liaison is expected to understand the needs of their assigned unit, and to represent those needs within the library.

Program Goals and Objectives:

  • To identify faculty perceptions and informational needs
  • To increase use and awareness of the library and its collections and services
  • To improve the quality of the library collections
  • To provide the services of information consultants to academic disciplines
  • To communicate and interpret library policies
  • To further the inclusion of information literacy skills in knowledge into learning and practice.

For further information about the Library Liaison Program, or to book an appointment with your liaison librarian, please see the list below.

To contact a librarian about library collections, please see Librarians' Collection Development Areas.

DisciplineName EmailPhone
Anesthesia Kristen Romme 864-6064
Community Health and Humanities Kristen Romme
Division of Biomedical Sciences Kristen Romme 864-6064
Family Medicine Kristen Romme 864-6064
Genetics Kristen Romme 864-6064
Laboratory Medicine 864-3378
Medicine - Clinical Discipline 864-3378
NLCAHR Kristen Romme 864-6064
Obstetrics and Gynecology 864-3378
Oncology 864-3378
Pediatrics Kristen Romme 864-6064
Psychiatry 864-3378
Radiology Lindsay Alcock 864-6008
Surgery 864-3378
Orthopedics 864-3378
Pharmacy Alison Farrell 864-4908
Nursing Michelle Swab 864-6571