New Online Course Reserves System

We have a new Online Course "Reserves" System

We have created a new, easier way for you to access materials for your course! Click on "Course Resources" on our homepage:

You will be prompted to log in with your MUN Login.

Then select "Follow a List" and enter your course name and number OR your instructor's name to locate the list for your course.

Online Reserves Two

Online Reserves Three


All required readings and other materials (e.g. online videos, PowerPoint slides, websites, etc.) you need for your course may be listed.

Articles and book chapters will be available as PDFs for easy download/print.

Some items may be physically on reserve in the library.


Online resources four


If your instructor is using D2L, the library's "Course Resources" list will be available in D2L as well:


Online Resources 4


 If you have any questions about our new online course resources system, please ask us.


(posted May 15, 2017)