Computer Use Policy

Login Accounts

  • Due to security issues, logins are required for all library public use computers.
  • All individuals must comply with appropriate use requirements (see below)
  • You are responsible for any computer activity under your login, and you are responsible for restarting the computer to log off.
  • Memorial faculty/staff/students should use the same login information as for their MedNet, HSLab, or LabNet account. Assistance is available at the Circulation Desk.
  • Eastern Health staff and non-Memorial visitors should use a guest LabNet account. Assistance is available at the Circulation Desk
  • Either a Memorial ID, or a Photo ID plus name, phone number, and email are normally required for obtaining a login account
  • Non-Memorial guests must be aged 19 years or older
  • Personal information is collected to create and maintain your account and will not be disclosed except as authorized under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Questions about the collection and use of your information may be directed to HSIMS (Health Sciences Information & Media Service) 864-3366, Rm. 1614 Health Sciences Centre.
  • All users are expected to have some familiarity with using a computer and a web browser
  • While the library has installed anti-virus software, we take no responsibility for any viruses that may be found on the computer workstations.

Appropriate Use 

  • Health Sciences Library computers are provided to support academic health education and research, clinical practice, and patient health information needs.
  • If others are waiting, use will be limited to a one hour session at a time.
  • The computers should NOT be used for games or general entertainment purposes. However, it is acceptable to use these computers to quickly check email, travel information, or similar information for personal needs.
  • Consideration and respect for others is expected regarding the use of workstations and the display of materials.
  • All use must comply with the Health Sciences Library's Computer Use Policy
  • All use must also comply with the Memorial University of Newfoundland policy on "Appropriate Use of Computing Resources". Inappropriate use includes:
    • Illegal activity
    • Violation of software agreements
    • Harmful activity
    • Jeopardizing or violating security
    • Excessive or disproportionate use
    • Offensive use
    • Copyright violations
    • Sharing of passwords
  • More details and examples