Microform Viewing and Printing

The Health Sciences Library has a Microfilm ScanPro2000 (microfilm and microfiche) available for public use. It is located at the "hslscanner" computer station in the Commons area.

To View Microform

  • Logon to the "hslscanner" computer workstation.
  • Open PowerScan2000 on the desktop screen.
  • Select tab that matches your microform.
  • Pull out the loading tray on the ScanPro2000 unit to lift the top glass plate.
    • To load microfilm: follow the diagrams on the load/uptake reels. The film goes between the top and bottom glass plates.
    • To load microfiche: place the sheet between the top and bottom glass plates (usually with top of fiche facing towards you).
  • Adjust the loading tray and/or advance the reel until the desired image is visible on the computer screen.
  • Use the tab buttons (Home, Adjust, File, Setup) to adjust the image as needed. A printed guide is located on the desk.
  • Use the computer mouse to navigate content viewing on the screen.

To Save:

  • Click on the File tab
  • Click the Scan to Drive#1 to save the image in the My Scan folder located on the desktop. Click Scan to Drive#2 to save to USB key.

To Print:

  • To print - open the saved file - select print
  • Select printer from the drop down menu:
  • Commonqueue - 5 cents per side - use print card and pick up in photocopy room
  • Commonqueue2 - 5 cents per side - use print card and pick up in photocopy room
  • HSL_BackupPrinter - 10 cents per side/B&W - pick up at Lending Services
  • HP Business Inkjet 1200 - 20 cents per sheet/colour - pick up at Lending Services
  • Click OK/Print


Use of this machine is governed by the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act. 
For further information, review the University's Copyright policy or consult the University's Copyright Officer at 864-2089.