Collections' Update: Taylor and Francis Journal Package

Memorial University Libraries has finalized  it will retain from the Taylor and Francis journal package for 2017.  

Drawing on consultation with faculty, instructors, students and university administration, as well as library expertise, Memorial University Libraries is continuing its cost containment efforts by cancelling “big deal” journal packages and re-purchasing individual titles.  

A weak Canadian dollar and rising publisher costs continue to plague academic libraries across Canada as they struggle within purchasing models that are no longer sustainable.

The Taylor and Francis journal package has doubled in price since 2010/11 and 40 per cent of the journals included in the package were used five times or less annually in the last three years.

 “We are one of many libraries in this situation,” said Ms. Susan Cleyle, university librarian. “There is no doubt this is a challenging endeavor but we are committed to our collections and maintaining them over the long term and we are doing that through invaluable consultation with academic units and support from university administration.” 

Memorial University Libraries will invest approximately $300,000 to retain 146 journals of the 2, 300 included in the Taylor and Francis Journal Package.

Access to 1,121 of the cancelled journals will be available through significantly less expensive intermediary companies with the current content embargoed. Any articles that are not in the library collection can be accessed through a digital document delivery service that takes an average of two business days. Memorial currently subscribes to approximately 75,000 journals.

As this new purchasing model takes shape, academic units will be encouraged to contact Memorial University Libraries to request specific articles they require for their teaching and research in 2017. This feedback will be critical as we work towards protecting the journals that are integral to the university.

“We want to express our deep appreciation to the academic units for their respectful and thoughtful approach to this difficult situation,” explained Ms. Cleyle. “We will ensure consultation with academic units and university administration continues as this process unfolds. It will be our combined efforts that will shape and protect the future of our library collections.”

Please contact the Collections Review Sub-Committee Chair, Amanda Tiller-Hackett with any questions, comments or concerns.

More information about the 2015-2017 journal subscription consultations can be found here.