Journal Article, 1 author (Print)

If there is no issue number, the colon will directly follow the volume number.

Cox, Gordon. 1977. "A Newfoundland Christmas

Caroling Tradition." Folk Music Journal 3 (3):


Journal Article, multiple authors (Print)

In the reference list include all authors' names, no matter how many. In your in-text citation for more than 3 authors, list the first author followed by "et al."

Hamilton, Lawrence C., Richard L. Haedrich, and

Cynthia M. Duncan. 2007. "Above and

Below the Water: Social/Ecological

Transformation in Northwest

Newfoundland." Population and Environment

25 (3): 195-215.

Journal Article (Online)

Include the DOI or "digital object identifier." If it is not available, include the name of the database instead; do not include library database URLs.

Pepin, Pierre, Eugene Colbourne, and Gary

Maillet. 2011. "Seasonal Patterns in

Zooplankton Community Structure on

the Newfoundland and Labrador Shelf."

Progress in Oceanography 91 (3): 273-285.


Heckel, Sandi. 2017 "Soundscapes: Using

Informal Learning Pedagogy to Create a

Canadian Strand of Musical Futures."

Canadian Music Educator 58, no. 2

(Winter): 12-16. Music Index.

Magazine Article

It is usually sufficient to cite magazines just within the text of your paper. Indicate the author, “Article Title”, Magazine Title and date. Page numbers are not included. URLs are not necessary for online magazine articles.

As Harry Wilson noted, “the bountiful catches would not last” (“When Cod Was King,” Canadian Geographic, December 2013).

Newspaper Article

In Chicago Style, newspaper articles are rarely included in your reference list. Refer to them in your in-text citation only. Indicate the author, "Article Title", Newspaper Title, and date.

In Dianne Crocker's article about Corner Brook's mill whistle, she notes, "there's even a nostalgia to the whistle where people equate it with home" (Western Star, March 5, 2012).