Book, 1 author

If the city of publication might be unfamiliar or easily confused with another city, add the abbreviation for the province/state.

Wright, Miriam Carol. 2001. A Fishery for Modern

Times: The State and the Industrialization

of the Newfoundland Fishery, 1934-1968.

Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Book, multiple authors

In the reference list include all authors' names, no matter how many. In your in-text citation for more than 3 authors, list the first author followed by "et al."

Katona, Steven K., Valerie Rough, and David T.

Richardson. 1993. A Field Guide to the

Whales, Porpoises, and Seals from Cape

Cod to Newfoundland. 4th ed. Washington:

Smithsonian Institution Press.

E-Book (Downloaded)

If you downloaded it to your computer, e-book reader, or other device, indicate the format (Kindle edition, Kobo edition, PDF e-book, EPUB e-book).

Austen, Jane. 2007. Pride and Prejudice. New

York: Penguin Classic. Kobo edition.

E-Book (Online)

Include the DOI number or "digital object identifier". If it is not available, include the URL.

Hubbard, Jennifer Mary. 2006. A Science on the

Scales: The Rise of Canadian Atlantic

Fisheries Biology, 1898-1939. Toronto:

University of Toronto Press. https://qe2a-


Edited Book (editor instead of an author)

Add "ed." (or "eds." for multiple editors) after the name or names.

Kelly, Ursula, and Elizabeth Yeoman, eds. 2010.

Despite this Loss: Essays on Culture,

Memory and Identity in Newfoundland and

Labrador. St. John's, NL: Iser Books.

Edited Book (editor in addition to an author)

Pittman, Al. 2003. An Island in the Sky: Selected

Poetry of Al Pittman. Edited by Martin Ware

and Stephanie Mckenzie. St. John's, NL:


Article/Chapter in an Edited Book

Handcock, W. Gordon. 1977. "English Migration

to Newfoundland." In Peopling of

Newfoundland: Essays in Historical

eography, edited by John J. Mannion, 15-

48. St. John's, NL: Memorial University of

Newfoundland, Institute of Social and

Economic Research.

Translated Book

Carrier, Roch. 1970. La Guerre, Yes Sir! Translated

by Sheila Fischman. Toronto: Anansi.

Edition of a Book (other than the first)

Add the number of the edition after the title, and after the name of any editor(s) or translator(s).

Butt, Kirk R. 2007. Early Settlers of Bay St.

George. 2nd ed. Whitby, ON: Boonen Books.