RefWorks Write-N-Cite plugin for Word

Write-N-Cite (WNC) lets you insert formatted references into a paper as you write in a Word document.

  • To download: Sign into RefWorks --> "Tools" --> "Write-N-Cite"
  • To learn more: Sign into RefWorks --> "Help" --> "Tutorial" (or Launch Help File)

Using Write-N-Cite Off Campus

WNC 4 (Windows and Mac)

WNC 4 is the newest version of WNC. Before installing WNC 4, delete previous versions of WNC, such as WNC 2.5 and WNC 3, from your computer. WNC 4 operates the same way on and off campus:

  1. Sign into RefWorks
  2. Select "Tools"
  3. Select "Write-N-Cite"
  4. Scroll down and copy the "Write-n-Cite Login Code"
  5. Open Word
  6. Windows users: Select "Login" in the RefWorks tab
    Mac users: Select "Login" in the Write-n-Cite toolbar
  7. In the "Login Code" box, paste the "Write-n-Cite Login Code" you just copied

WNC 2.5 (Mac) and WNC 3 (Windows)

To use WNC 2.5 and WNC 3 when off campus, you must load the WNC Proxy Configuration Utility. These steps only need to be followed once. However, if you uninstall and then reinstall WNC, you will have to go through these steps again. These instructions assume that you have already downloaded and installed WNC on your computer. Be sure to quit MS word when installing WNC.

Windows (WNC 3):

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Choose RefWorks from the list of programs
  3. Click on "WNC Proxy Configuration Utility"
  4. Copy/paste:
  5. Click "OK"

Mac (WNC 2.5):

  1. Start Write-N-Cite
  2. Select "Preferences" from the Write-N-Cite menu
  3. Select the Proxy option
  4. Copy/paste:
  5. Restart Write-N-Cite

Your configuration is now complete. Starting WNC will direct you to Memorial University Library's RefWorks user login screen.

Things to keep in mind:

WNC 3 is compatible with Vista, Word 2007, XP and Word 2003. Current WNC for Windows users can use WNC 3 on old MS Word documents, however, the documents must be converted to a WNC 3 format which can be done within WNC 3.

Word 2007 comes with the .docx file extension. When using Word 2007 with WNC, save MS Word files in the "Word 97-2003 (*.doc)" format instead of the "Word 2007 (*.docx)" format. This will ensure compatibility with WNC.


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