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Key: BT=Broader Term; NT=Narrower Term; RT=Related Term; SN=Scope Note


Abortion (BT: Birth control)

Absenteeism [SN: Failure to report to work]

Adult education (BT: Education)(NT: Antigonish Movement)

Advertising (BT: Retail trade)

Affirmative action

Age discrimination (BT: Discrimination)


Agents provocateurs (see Spies)

Agricultural labourers (see Agricultural workers)

Agricultural workers (BT: Rural workers; Employees)

Aircraft industry (RT: Airlines)

Airlines (RT: Aircraft industry)(BT: Transportation)

Alien workers (see Migrant workers)


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Aluminium industry

Americans in Canada

Anarchism (RT: Socialism; Communism; Syndicalism)

Anti-communism (BT: Communism)

Antigonish Movement (BT: Adult education; Cooperatives)

Apprentices (BT: Skilled workers)

Arbitration [SN: Method of dispute settlement using neutral person(s) to   render a binding decision] (BT: Labour relations)


Archives (see Sources)

Artisans (see Skilled workers)


Asians in Canada

Assembly-line work (RT: Labour process)(BT: Scientific management; Manufacturing)

Atlantic Provinces


Attrition [SN: Natural decrease in the labour force from retirement or resignation]

Automobile industry

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Bakers and bakeries (BT: Food industry)


Barbers (see Hairdressers)

Bars (BT: Hospitality industry)

Beverage industry (BT: Food industry)

Bibliographies [SN: A listing of citations]


Birth control (NT: Abortion)


Blacksmiths (see Metalworking)

Blue-collar workers (BT: Employees)

Boardinghouses (BT: Housing; Hospitality industry)

Boilermakers (see Metalworking)

Bolshevism (see Communism)

Bookkeepers (BT: White-collar workers)


Boys (BT: Children)

British in Canada

Broadcasting (NT: Radio broadcasting)(BT: Telecommunication)

Building industry (see Construction industry)


Butchers (see Meat industry)

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Canadians in the United States

Canals (BT: Inland navigation)

Canning industry (BT: Food industry)


Carpenters (RT: Construction industry; Woodworking industry)

Carriage industry

Catalogues (see Sources)

Cement industry


Census (BT: Population)

Ceramics industry


Checkoff [SN: Procedure whereby an employer deducts union dues and turns them over to the union] (RT: Union dues)(BT: Wages)

Cheese industry (see Dairy industry)

Chemical industry [SN: Here are entered works on industries that produce chemicals or are based on chemical processes] (NT: Plastics industry;)

Child care (BT: Social services)(RT:Orphanages; Children)

Child labour

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Children [SN: The time of life between 0-12 years of age] (BT: Family)(NT: Boys; Girls)

Chinese in Canada

Chiropractors (BT: Health care workers)

Churches (RT: Religion)

Cities and towns (NT: Company towns; Community; Suburbs)

Civil disobedience

Civil liberties (see Civil rights)

Civil rights [SN: Rights established by law and protected by the constitution] (NT: Freedom of association; Freedom of speech; Employee rights)(BT: Human rights)

Civil service (see Public sector)

Class conflict (RT: Social conflict)

Class consciousness (BT: Social classes)

Class structure (see Social structure)

Classes (see Social classes)

Clerical workers (see White-collar workers)

Closed shop [SN: Requires employers to hire and retain only union members]

Clothing industry (BT: Textile industry)(NT: Fashion industry; Fur trade; Dressmakers; Tailors)

Coal mining (BT: Mining)

Cobblers (see Shoemakers)

Collective agreements (BT: Collective bargaining)

Collective bargaining (NT: Collective agreements; Labour union recognition)(BT: Labour relations)

Collective labour agreements (see Collective agreements)

Colliers (see Coal mining)

Communism (search also under the names of individual communists)(RT: Socialism; Anarchism; Syndicalism)(NT: Marxism; Anti-communism)

Community (NT: Neighbourhood)(BT: Cities and towns)

Commuting (BT: Transportation)

Company towns (BT: Cities and towns; Labour relations)

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Company unions (BT: Labour unions)

Computer industry (BT: Electronics industry)

Conciliation (see Mediation and conciliation)

Conference reports

Construction industry (RT: Painters; Plumbers; Carpenters)

Consumption (BT: Cost and standard of living)

Contract labour (NT: Indentured servants)(BT: Employees)(RT: Padrone system)

Contracting out [SN: Works on the practice by government agencies and business of hiring a contractor to perform parts of an operation rather than performing it themselves] (RT: Privatization)

Convict labour (see Prisoners and prisons)

Cooks (BT: Service industries)

Cooperatives (search also under the names of individual cooperatives)(BT: Corporations)(NT: Antigonish Movement)

Coopers (BT: Skilled workers)

Corporate state (RT: Fascism)(BT: Syndicalism)

Corporate welfare (see Labour relations)

Corporations (NT: Cooperatives)

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Cost and standard of living (RT: Wages; Prices)(NT: Consumption)(BT: Wealth)

Cottage industries (see Home labour)

Cotton industry (BT: Textile industry)

Courts (see Law)


Craft unions [SN: Employees having a common occupation, skill or trade] (BT: Labour unions)

Craftsmen (see Skilled workers)

Credit (BT: Wages)

Crime (BT: Social problems)

Croatians in Canada

Culture (RT: Traditions; Leisure)

Customs (see Traditions)

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Dairy industry (BT: Food industry)

Danes in Canada

Day care (see Child care)


Defense industry

Deindustrialization (NT: Plant shutdowns)(RT: Industrialization)

Democracy (NT: Labour union democracy)(RT: Equality)

Dentists (BT: Health care workers)

Depressions (RT: Recessions)



Disasters (see Occupational Accidents)

Discipline [SN: Actions taken by employers against workers or unions against members] (NT: Work rules)

Discrimination (NT: Racial discrimination; Age discrimination; Sex discrimination)(RT: Minorities)

Division of labour [SN: Process whereby a production problem is broken into its components and each part assigned to a worker or group of workers] (RT: Labour market segmentation)(BT: Work)

Divorce (BT: Family; Marriage)

Dock workers (BT: Transportation)

Documents [SN: Reserve for actual documents reprinted, usually with an introduction or edited]

Domestic workers [SN: individuals employed to work as domestic servants] (RT: Service industries)(BT: Employees)

Dressmakers (BT: Clothing industry)

Dual unions [SN: Unions formed to enlist members among employees claimed by another union]

Dutch in Canada

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East Indians in Canada

Economic conditions (RT: Economic development; Living conditions; Social conditions)

Economic development [SN: Process of improving the standard of living of a population by raising per capita income, usually achieved by structural changes in the economy] (RT: Economic conditions)(BT: Economic policy)

Economic policy (RT: Social policy; Labour policy)(BT: Government policy) (NT: Industrial policy; Economic development)

Education (NT: Adult education; Vocational training)(RT: Students; Schools; Teachers)

Educators (see Teachers)

Elections (BT: Politics)

Electrical industry [SN: Manufacturing of electrical appliances and supplies, such as wires, lamps and tubes]

Electronics industry (NT: Computer industry)

Emigrants (see Immigrants)

Emigration and immigration [SN: Works dealing with the process of migrating from one country to another] (RT: Refugees; Immigrants)

Employee organizations [SN: General term for all types of employee organizations, associations and unions] (search also under the names of individual employee organizations)(NT: Labour unions)

Employee rights (BT: Civil rights; Labour laws and legislation)(NT: Right to strike)(RT: Work rules)

Employees (NT: Blue collar workers; Contract labour; Agricultural workers; Domestic workers; Home labour; Migrant workers; Professionals)(RT: Personnel management)

Employer organizations

Employment (NT: Seasonal employment; Temporary employment; Part-time employment)

Employment policy [SN: Government economic, social or political measures to encourage employment] (BT: Labour policy)(NT: Unemployment)(RT: Labour supply)

Employment Service of Canada

Energy industries (NT: Petroleum industry)

English-Canadians in the United States (see Canadians in the United States)

Entertainment industry (RT: Theater)


Equal pay for equal work [SN: Works on equal pay for jobs that require identical skills, responsibilities and effort] (BT: Wages)(RT: Pay equity)

Equality (RT: Democracy)

Ethnic groups [SN: Theoretical works on the concept of groups of people who are bound together by common ties of ancestry and culture] (RT: Racial discrimination)(NT: Minorities)

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Factories (NT: Plant shutdowns)

Factory laws and legislation (see Labour laws and legislation)

Factory workers (see Blue collar workers)

Family (NT: Mothers; Fathers; Children; Divorce)(RT: Patriarchy; Marriage)

Family planning (see Birth control)

Farm labourers (see Agricultural workers)

Farm workers (see Agricultural workers)

Farmers (search also under the names of individual farmers' organizations)

Farmers' organizations (see Farmers)

Fascism (RT: Corporate state)

Fashion industry (BT: Clothing industry)

Fathers (NT: Patriarchy)(BT: Family; Men)

Federal elections (see Elections)

Feminism (search also under the names of individual feminists)


Fertility (BT: Reproduction)(RT: Population)


Filipinos in Canada

Finns in Canada

Fisheries (NT: Sealing)

Flight attendants (see Airlines)

Fluorspar industry

Food habits

Food industry [SN: Works on the processing of food in general] (NT: Dairy industry; Grain industry; Canning industry; Meat industry; Bakers and bakeries; Fruit industry; Vegetable industry)

Footwear industry (RT: Leather industry; Shoemakers)

Forest products industry (NT: Lumbering; Rubber industry; Paper industry)

Forestry workers (NT: Lumbering)

Freedom of association (BT: Civil rights)(RT: Right to strike; Right to work)

Freedom of speech (BT: Civil rights)

French-Canadians in the United States (see Canadians in the United States)

Friendly societies (see Mutual benefit societies)


Fruit industry (BT: Food industry)

Fur trade (BT: Clothing industry)

Furniture industry (BT: Woodworking industry)

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Garment industry (see Clothing industry)



General strikes (see Strikes)

Germans in Canada

Girls (BT: Children; Women)

Glass industry

Government policy [SN: General term for the stance of a nation on issues of broad concern and for the overall process of policy formulation] (NT: Economic policy; Labour policy; Social policy)

Grain industry (BT: Food industry)(RT: Milling industry)

Granite industry (see Stone industry)

Graphic arts (see Arts)

Great Lakes

Greeks in Canada

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Hairdressers (BT: Service industries)

Health care workers (RT: Health services)(NT: Chiropractors; Pharmacists; Nurses; Physicians; Dentists)

Health insurance (NT: Workers' compensation)

Health services (RT: Health care workers)

Heavy industry

Historians (search also under the names of individual historians)



Home labour [SN: Paid work performed at home] (RT: Piecework)(BT: Rural industries; Employees)

Homemakers (RT: Wives)

Homophobia (see Discrimination)

Hospital workers (see Health care workers)

Hospitality industry (NT: Hotel industry; Bars; Boardinghouses)(BT: Service industries)


Hotel industry (BT: Hospitality industry)

Hours of labour (RT: Labour productivity)(NT: Overtime; Leave of absence)

Household (see Family)

Housewives (see Homemakers)

Housing (RT: Living conditions)(NT: Boardinghouses)

Human rights (NT: Right to work; Civil rights)(RT: Right to strike)

Hungarians in Canada

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Immigrants (RT: Emigration and immigration)

Income (NT: Retirement income; Wages)(BT: Wealth)

Indentured servants (BT: Slaves; Contract labour)

Independent commodity production [SN: Industries carried on by persons and their families producing goods usually at home or in a small shop]

Indians of North America (see Indigenous peoples)

Indigenous peoples

Industrial accidents (see Occupational accidents)

Industrial concentration

Industrial costs (NT: Labour costs; Prices)

Industrial democracy [SN: Here are entered works on a variety of practices and institutional arrangements through which the employees of an enterprise or organization participate in or exercise control over the management of that enterprise or organization] (RT: Labour relations) Industrial development (see Industrialization)

Industrial development (see Industrialization)

Industrial disputes (see Labour disputes)

Industrial homeworkers (see Home labour)

Industrial laws and legislation (see Labour laws and legislation)

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Industrial policy [SN: Government policy regarding existing industry and the establishment of a new industry] (BT: Economic policy)

Industrial relations (see Labour relations)

Industrial revolution (see Industrialization)

Industrial structure (RT: Industrialization)

Industrial training (see Vocational training)

Industrial unions (see Labour unions)

Industrialization (RT: Industrial structure; Deindustrialization)

Industries [SN: Used alone for the production activities of a geographic area, e.g. nation, city, etc.] (NT: Rural industries)

Inequality (see Equality)


Injunctions (BT: Labour laws and legislation; Labour disputes)

Inland navigation (NT: Canals)

Internal migration [SN: Works on the movement of population from one section to another section of the same country] (NT: Rural migration; Migrant workers; Labour mobility)

Internal security

International labour activities [SN: International labour union cooperation] (BT: Labour unions) International unions (BT: Labour unions)

Irish in Canada

Iron and steel industry (RT: Metalworking)

Italians in Canada

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Japanese in Canada

Jews in Canada

Job satisfaction (RT: Working conditions)

Job security (RT: Layoffs)

Journalists (search also under the names of individual journalists)

Journey workers (BT: Skilled workers)

Juvenile delinquents (BT: Youth)


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Labour (see Working class)

Labour activism (see Militancy)

Labour camps (see Work camps)

Labour conditions (see Working conditions)

Labour costs (NT: Wages)(BT: Industrial costs)

Labour courts

Labour Day (see Holidays)

Labour disputes (NT: Strikes; Injunctions; Lockouts)(BT: Social conflict; Labour relations)

Labour economics

Labour force (see Labour supply)

Labour laws and legislation (BT: Law)(NT: Injunctions; Work rules; Employee rights)

Labour leaders (search also under the names of individual labour leaders)

Labour-management relations (see Labour relations)

Labour market (RT: Labour mobility)(NT: Labour supply)

Labour market segmentation (RT: Labour mobility; Occupations; Racial discrimination; Sex discrimination; Division of labour)

Labour mobility [SN:General movement of labour into and out of industrial establishments or in geographic areas or even industries] (RT: Labour turnover; Labour market segmentation; Labour market)(BT: Internal migration)

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Labour movement [SN: Works on the complex of organizations and individuals advocating improved conditions for the working population] (BT: Social movements)(NT: Labour unions)

Labour policy (NT: Employment policy)(BT: Government policy)(RT: Social policy; Economic policy)

Labour process (RT: Assembly-line work)

Labour productivity [SN: Efficiency of production at the level of the individual, the enterprise or the specific economic sector. It is usually measured in terms of output per worker] (RT: Hours of labour)

Labour relations (NT: Arbitration; Labour disputes; Company towns; Collective bargaining; Labour union recognition; Mediation and conciliation)(RT: Industrial democracy; Management)

Labour shortages (see Labour supply)

Labour supply [SN: Use to denote size, skills and geographic locations, as well as willingness and ability to be productive] (RT: Employment policy)(BT: Labour market)

Labour turnover (RT: Labour mobility)

Labour union consciousness

Labour union democracy (BT: Democracy)

Labour union federations (search also under the names of individual labour union federations)

Labour union recognition (BT: Collective bargaining; Labour relations)

Labour union structure

Labour unions (search also under the names of individual labour unions)(BT:Labour movement; Employee organizations)(NT: International unions; Craft unions; Company unions; International labour activities)(RT: Syndicalism)

Labourers (see Unskilled workers)

Labourism [SN: Early 20th century vague political ideology, held primarily by skilled workers, based on 19th century liberalism, American Republicanism and English Jacobinism, with belief that popular democracy could be used to construct a new society]


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Laundry industry (BT: Services industries)

Law (NT: Labour laws and legislation)

Lawyers (search also under the names of individual lawyers)

Layoffs (RT: Job security)(NT: Work sharing)

Leather industry (RT: Footwear industry; Shoemakers)

Leave of absence (NT: Sick leave; Parental leave)(BT: Hours of labour)

Leisure (RT: Culture)(NT: Retirement)


Lithuanians in Canada

Living conditions (RT: Housing; Social conditions; Economic conditions)(NT: Working conditions)

Lockouts (BT: Labour disputes)(RT: Strikebreaking; Strikes)(NT: Picketing)

Loggers (see Lumbering)

Logging (see Lumbering)

Logging camps (see Lumber camps)

Logging industry (see Lumbering)

Longshoremen (see Dock workers)

Lumber camps (BT: Work camps)

Lumber industry (see Lumbering)

Lumber workers (see Lumbering)

Lumbering [SN: Harvesting and manufacturing of logs into lumber] (BT: Forest products industry)(RT: Paper industry)

Lumberjacks (see Lumbering)

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Macedonians in Canada

Machine tool industry (see Metalworking)

Machinists (see Metalworking)

Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion (RT: Spanish Civil War)

Management [SN: Works on the application of the principles of management to enterprises](RT: Labour relations) (NT: Personnel management; Scientific management)

Manpower policy (see Employment policy)

Manual workers (see Blue collar workers)

Manufacturing [SN: Process of producing or assembling goods by hand or machine for sale] (NT: Assembly-line work)

Maritime Provinces

Marriage (RT: Family)(NT: Divorce)

Marxism (BT: Communism; Socialism)

Masculinity (RT: Men)

Maternity leave (see Parental leave)

Meat industry (BT: Food industry)

Mediation and conciliation [SN: Method of dispute settlement, using one or more neutral persons, who try to bring the parties together, but who are not empowered to issue a binding report] (BT: Labour relations)

Men (RT: Masculinity)

Metalworking (RT: Iron and steel industry)(NT: Plumbers)


Middle class (BT: Social classes)

Migrant workers [SN: Workers who migrate from one section to another section of the same country; include so-called alien workers as well] (BT: Employees; Internal migration)



Millinery trade (see Clothing industry)

Milling industry (RT: Grain industry)

Mine accidents (BT: Occupational accidents)

Mine closures (BT: Plant shutdowns)

Minimum wage (BT: Wages)

Mining (NT: Coal mining)

Minorities (RT: Discrimination)(BT: Ethnic groups)

Mortality (RT: Population)

Mothers (BT: Family; Women)

Moulders (see Metalworking)

Municipal elections (see Elections)

Museum exhibition

Mutual benefit societies [SN: Nonprofit associations created to protect members against various economic and social risks)

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National security (see Internal security)

Nationalism (NT: State)

Native people (see Indigenous peoples)

Nativism [SN: Works on the policy of favouring native inhabitants of a country over immigrants]

Natural resources

Needle trades (see Clothing industry)

Neighbourhood (BT: Community)

Newspapers (search also under the names of individual newspapers)

Nickel industry

Night work (see Hours of labour)

Nine-hour movement

Nonunionized workers


Nurses (BT: Health care workers)

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Occupational accidents [SN: Sudden occurrence which results in injury or death on the job] (RT: Occupational health and safety; Workers' compensation)(NT: Mine accidents)

Occupational health and safety (RT: Working conditions; Occupational accidents)

Occupational mobility [SN: Extent to which individuals change occupational group] (BT: Social mobility)

Occupational segregation (see Labour market segmentation)

Occupational status [SN: Employment rank, position or status achieved by an individual or group]

Occupational structure (see Occupations)

Occupations (RT: Labour market segmentation)

Office workers (see White-collar workers)

Officials and employees (see Labour leaders)

On-to-Ottawa Trek

Organized workers (see Unionized workers)

Orphanages (BT: Social services)(RT: Child care)

Overtime (BT: Hours of labour; Wages)

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Padrone system (RT: Contract labour)

Painters (RT: Construction industry)

Paper industry (RT: Lumbering)(BT: Forest products industry)

Parental leave (BT: Leave of absence)

Part-time employment (NT: Work sharing) (BT: Employment)

Paternalism (BT:Social control)

Patriarchy (BT: Fathers)(RT: Family)

Patrons of Industry

Pay equity [SN: Works on comparable pay for jobs that require comparable qualifications, responsibilities, effort and working conditions] (BT: Wages) (RT:Equal pay for equal work)

Peasantry (RT: Rural workers)(BT: Working class)

Pensions (BT: Retirement income)(NT: Social security)


Personnel management [SN: All methods of dealing with people-related policies and procedures] (BT: Management)(RT: Employees)

Petroleum industry (BT: Energy industries)

Pharmacists (BT: Health care workers)


Physicians (BT: Health care workers)

Picketing (BT: Strikes; Lockouts)

Piecework (RT: Home labour)

Pioneer (see Frontier)

Pipefitters (see Plumbers)

Plant shutdowns (BT: Factories; Deindustrialization; Unemployment)(NT: Mine closures)

Plumbers (RT: Construction industry)(BT: Metalworking)


Poles in Canada

Police (search also under the names of individual police forces)

Political parties (search also under the names of individual political parties)

Politicians (search also under the names of individual politicians)

Politics (NT: Elections)

Poor (BT: Social classes)

Population (RT: Mortality; Fertility)(NT: Census)


Postal service (BT: Transportation)

Pottery industry

Prairie Provinces [SN: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta]

Pre-industrial workers

Prices (RT: Wages; Cost and standard of living)(BT: Industrial costs)


Prison labour (see Prisoners and prisons)

Prisoners and prisons

Privatization [SN: Works on the transfer of public assets and services to the private sector] (RT: Contracting out)


Professionals [SN: Work is non-routine and intellectual in character and requires extensive education] (BT: Employees)(NT: Teachers)

Professors (see Teachers)

Proletarianization [SN: Process whereby a class of independent producers is reduced to the state of working for wages]

Proletariat (see Working class)

Property (see Wealth)


Provincial elections (see Elections)

Public health (see Health services)

Public policy (see Government policy)

Public sector [SN: Refers to employees of federal, provincial or municipal government]

Public welfare (see Social security)

Public works [SN: Construction of public buildings, utilities, etc.]

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Racial discrimination (BT: Discrimination)(RT: Labour market segmentation; Ethnic groups)

Radicalism [SN: Works on extremist social or political movements of right or left; support for socialist objectives, reformist or revolutionary, and support for the mobilization and collective action of workers as a class]

Radio broadcasting (BT: Broadcasting)

Railways (BT: Transportation)



Rebellions (see Revolutions)

Recessions (RT: Depressions)

Recreation (see Leisure)

Refugees[SN: Population fleeing the normal area of habitation for political or other reasons] (RT: Emigration and immigration)

Regina riot

Religion (RT: Churches)

Reproduction (NT: Fertility)

Restaurants (see Food industry)

Retail trade (RT: Service industries)(NT: Advertising)

Retirement (BT: Leisure)

Retirement income (NT: Pensions)(BT: Income)

Review essays


Right to strike (BT: Employee rights)(RT: Strikes; Human rights; Freedom of association)

Right to work (BT: Human rights)(RT: Freedom of association)(NT: Unemployment)

Riots (see Violence)

Rope trade (BT: Textile industry)

Rubber industry (BT: Forest products industry)

Rural industries (NT: Home labour)(BT: Industries)

Rural migration [SN: Migration of rural workers to urban areas] (BT: Internal migration)(RT: Rural workers)

Rural society

Rural workers (NT: Agricultural workers)(RT: Peasantry; Rural migration)

Russians in Canada

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Sailors (see Seafarers)

Saloons (see Bars)

Sawmills (RT: Woodworking industry)

Schools (RT: Education)(NT: Universities and colleges)

Science (NT: Technology)

Scientific management (BT: Management)(NT: Assembly-line work)

Scots in Canada

Seafarers (BT: Transportation)

Sealing (BT: Fisheries)

Seasonal employment (BT: Employment)

Self-employment (see Independent commodity production)

Semi-skilled workers [SN: Jobs requiring considerable manipulative ability and limited exercise of independent judgement]


Service industries (NT: Tourism; Hairdressers; Hospitality industry; Laundry industry; Waiters; Cooks)(RT: Domestic workers; Retail trade)


Sex discrimination [SN: Denial of equal employment opportunity on the basis of sex] (BT: Discrimination) (RT:Labour market segmentation)

Sex role

Sexual division of labour (see Division of labour)

Sexual harassment

Sexuality (see Sex)

Sheet-metal workers (see Metalworking)

Shift work (see Hours of labour)


Shipping (BT: Transportation)

Shoe industry (see Footwear industry)

Shoemakers (RT: Footwear industry; Leather industry)(BT: Skilled workers)

Shop stewards

Sick leave (BT: Leave of absence)

Skilled workers (NT: Apprentices; Journey workers; Shoemakers; Coopers; Tailors)

Slaves (NT: Indentured servants)

Smelting (see Metalworking)

Social change [SN: Changes in community life brought about, for example, by improved standards of living, revolutions or other causes)

Social classes (NT: Middle class; Poor; Working class; Class consciousness)

Social conditions (RT: Living conditions; Economic conditions)(NT: Social movements; Social problems; Social policy)

Social conflict (NT: Social control; Labour disputes)(RT: Class conflict)

Social control (NT: Paternalism)(BT: Social conflict)

Social democracy (see Socialism)

Social mobility (RT: Social structure)(NT: Occupational mobility)

Social movements [SN: Collective efforts to transform some area of established social relations, including animal rights, peace, anti-smoking, environmental, etc.] (NT: Syndicalism; Labour movement)(BT: Social conditions)

Social policy (RT: Labour policy; Social problems)(BT: Government policy; Social conditions)

Social problems [SN: Undesirable condition or situation which endangers the well being of members of society, or poses a threat to a basic value or standard of the affected group] (RT: Social policy)(NT: Crime)(BT: Social conditions)

Social reform (search also under the names of individual social reformers)

Social security (RT: Social services)(NT: Unemployment insurance; Workers' compensation) (BT: Pensions)

Social services (RT: Social security)(NT: Child care; Orphanages)

Social structure (RT: Social mobility)

Socialism (search also under the names of individual socialists)(NT: Marxism)(RT: Communism; Anarchism; Syndicalism)


Sources [SN: Listings or descriptions of complete or partial resources found in archives or other repositories]

South Asians in Canada

Spanish Civil War (RT: Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion)

Special collections (see Sources)


Sports (see Leisure)

Standard of living (see Cost and standard of living)

State (BT: Nationalism)

Steel industry (see Iron and steel industry)

Stevedores (see Dock workers)

Stone industry

Streetcars (see Railways)

Strikebreaking (RT: Strikes; Lockouts)

Strikes (search also under the names of individual strikes)(RT: Strikebreaking; Lockouts; Right to strike)(BT: Labour disputes)(NT: Picketing)

Students (RT: Education)

Study and teaching

Suburbs (BT: Cities and towns)

Subversive activities (see Internal security)

Swedes in Canada

Syndicalism (RT: Labour unions; Socialism; Communism; Anarchism)(NT: Corporate state)(BT: Social movements)

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Tailors (BT: Clothing industry; Skilled workers)

Taverns (see Bars)


Taxicab drivers

Taylorism (see Scientific management)

Teachers (search also under the names of individual teachers)(RT: Education)(BT: White-collar workers; Professionals)

Technological change

Technology [SN: The state of technology as a whole or in a particular industrial branch] (BT: Science)

Telecommunication (NT: Broadcasting)

Telegraph operators (see Telecommunication)

Telephone industry (see Telecommunication)

Temporary employment (BT: Employment)

Textile industry (NT: Clothing industry; Cotton industry; Rope trade)

Theater (RT: Entertainment industry)


Timber industry (see Lumbering)

Tourism (BT: Service industries)

Trade unions (see Labour unions)

Traditions (RT: Culture)

Tramps (see Migrant workers)

Transportation (NT: Dock workers; Seafarers; Airlines; Railways; Postal Service; Shipping; Commuting)


Truck system (see Credit)

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Ukrainians in Canada

Unemployment [SN: Use for items dealing with the problems, attitudes, experiences of the unemployed] (RT: Unemployment insurance)(NT: Plant shutdowns; Work sharing)(BT: Employment policy; Right to work)

Unemployment insurance (RT: Unemployment)(BT: Social security)

Union busting

Union density (see Union organizing)

Union dues (RT: Checkoff)

Union movement (see Labour movement)

Union organizing [SN: Use for the description of organizing attempts]

United Front

Universities and colleges (BT: Schools)

Unorganized workers (see Nonunionized workers)

Unskilled workers [SN: Jobs requiring simple duties and slightest exercise of independent judgement]

Urban history (see Cities and towns)

Urbanization (see Cities and towns)

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Vegetable industry (BT: Food industry)



Vocational training [SN: Activities aimed at providing the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for employment in a particular occupation] (BT: Education)

Voluntary associations

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Wage controls (BT: Wages)

Wage differentials (BT: Wages)

Wages [SN: Payment made for work performed] (BT: Income; Labour costs)(NT: Wage controls; Pay equity; Wage differentials; Minimum wage; Checkoff; Overtime; Equal pay for equal work; Credit)(RT: Cost and standard of living)

Waiters (BT: Service industries)

Walkouts (see Strikes)


War veterans (see Veterans)

Wealth (NT: Income; Cost and standard of living)

Welding (see Metalworking)

Welfare (see Social security)

West Indians in Canada

Western Provinces [SN: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia]


White-collar workers (NT: Bookkeepers; Teachers)

Wife abuse

Wives (BT: Women)(RT: Homemakers)

Women (NT: Girls; Mothers; Wives)

Women's organizations (search also under the names of individual women's organizations)

Woodworking industry (RT: Carpenters; Sawmills)(NT: Furniture industry)

Work [SN: As distinct from Employment; sociological perspectives on the world of work (including unpaid work like housework or farmwork) and occupations] (NT: Division of labour)

Work camps [SN: including relief camps] (NT: Lumber camps)

Work rules [SN: Regulations concerning how work is to be done, usually incorporated in the collective agreement] (BT: Discipline; Labour laws and legislation)(RT: Employee rights)

Work sharing (BT: Layoffs; Part-time employment; Unemployment)

Workers' compensation (RT: Occupational accidents)(BT: Social security; Health insurance)

Workers' control (see Industrial democracy)

Workers' participation (see Industrial democracy)

Working class (BT: Social classes)(NT: Peasantry)

Working conditions [SN: Social and managerial factors affecting workers' job environment] (RT: Occupational health and safety; Job satisfaction)(BT: Living conditions)

Workplace inequality (see Equality)



Youth [SN: The time of life between 13-25 years of age](NT: Juvenile delinquents)


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