Memorial University Libraries Gifts-in-kind Policy

Memorial University Libraries welcomes donations and considers donated material to be essential for the enhancement of our collections. Donated materials may be added to the general collection or to the Library’s Archives & Special Collections, provided they are consistent with research needs of the Memorial University community.

Areas of Interest

  • Collections with Newfoundland and Labrador interest
  • Items of scholarly value
  • Rare or unique items or collections

It should be noted that because of limited storage space and staffing resources, the Library will be selective in what is accepted for the collection.

For gifts declined by Memorial Libraries, potential donors may want to consider approaching the following organizations:

Screening & Delivery

Screening: The donor should provide a descriptive list of the material being offered. This will allow our subject librarians to identify items of potential value to our collection. In the case of particularly large potential donations, a subject expert may choose to make a site visit.

Delivery: Arrangements will be made with the donor for receiving the accepted items at the Library. Delivery of items to the library is typically the donor’s responsibility. In the case of particularly large or valuable donations, the library may choose to arrange transport.

Transfer of Ownership: At the time of delivery, donors are required to sign a Deed of Gift form, which transfers ownership of all items to the Library.

After Delivery

Review: All items will be reviewed more closely. The Library reserves the right to determine:

  • which items to add to its collections
  • the location and degree of access to those items

Items not added to the collection: The Library reserves the right to dispose of items which it decides not to keep, by sale, donation to another institution, or other means.

Tax Receipts and Appraisals

Tax Receipts: Donors who wish to receive a tax receipt must indicate this on the ‌Deed of Gift form. Tax credit receipts will only be issued for gifts-in-kind where the value of the items added to the library collection is greater than $200.

Appraisals: If a receipt for income tax purposes has been requested by the donor, the Library will conduct an appraisal, either external or in-house, of the donated items to be added to the collection. If additional appraisals are arranged by the donor, they will be conducted at the donor’s expense. In all cases, it is the purview of the library to determine the final valuation of the donation.

Bookplates: Donated items may be marked with a bookplate upon request. Except in cases where the donated collection is of exceptional scholarly value, the University Library will not maintain a public access list of donated items. 


Enquiries about gifts can be sent to:


Gifts-in-Kind Policy

Deed of gift form for published materials

Deed of gift form for archival works