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The Caribou (1980-1987) (DAI)
Colonist (1886-1892) (DAI)
The Daily News (1927-1969) (DAI)
Evening Advocate (1917-1924) (DAI)
Evening Herald (1890-1920) (DAI)
Evening Telegram (1879-1943) (DAI)
Le Gaboteur 1984-2011 (DAI)
Harbor Grace Standard 1859-1934 (DAI)  
Morning Courier 1845-1854 (DAI)
MUN Gazette (1968-2016) (DAI)
MUSE (1950-2017) (DAI)
Newfoundland Gazette (1925-1965) (DAI)
Newfoundland Mercantile Journal (1816-1827) (DAI)
Newfoundland Weekly (1924-1932; 1940-1941) (DAI)
Patriot and Terra Nova Herald (1833-1890) (DAI) 
St. John's Daily News (1860-1870) (DAI)
St. John's Daily Star (1915-1921) (DAI)
Terra Nova Advocate (1875-1890) (DAI)
The Twillingate Sun 1880-1953 (DAI)
Weekly Herald and Conception-Bay General Advertiser (1845-1854) (DAI)
The Western Star (1900-1985) (DAI) 
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Le Gaboteur (Website)
Le Gaboteur (1984-2011)

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The Muse (Digitized Issues)

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Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries Newspaper Index

Coverage includes various years of three daily newspapers, the Evening Telegram (St. John's), the Daily News (St. John's) and the Western Star (Corner Brook). While there are many entries for the Evening Telegram and the Daily News from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the entries for the Evening Telegram are mainly from 1978 to 1987 and those from the Daily News from 1978 to the cessation of the newspaper on June 4, 1984. Entries for the Western Star are primarily from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The index also covers the entire run of the Diocesan Magazine (1889-1958) and the Newfoundland Churchman from 1959 to 1987, both publications of the Diocese of Newfoundland, Anglican Church of Canada. Subject headings are organized by place-names and sub-headings.
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A searchable database containing the full-text of selected Atlantic Canada newspapers. Coverage: Advertiser (Grand Falls-Windsor, N.L.), Mar. 27, 2006- ; Aurora (Labrador City, N.L.), Mar. 3, 2006- ; Beacon (Gander, N.L.), Mar. 27, 2006- ; Charter (Placentia, N.L.); Chronicle herald (Halifax, N.S.), Aug, 16, 1999- ; Coaster (Harbour Breton, N.L.), Mar. 21, 2006 ; Georgian (Stephenville, N.L.), Mar. 21, 2006; ; Guardian (Charlottetown, P.E.I.), May 1, 1997- ; Gulf news (Channel - Port-Aux-Basque, N.L.), Mar. 20, 2006 ; Labradorian (Happy Valley - Goose Bay, N.L.), Mar. 20, 2006 ; Nor'wester (Springdale, N.L.), Mar. 22, 2006 ; Northern Pen (St. Anthony, N.L.), Mar. 20, 2006- ; Packet (Clarenville, N.L.), Mar. 20, 2006 ; Pilot (Lewisporte, NL), Mar. 22, 2006- ; Mar. 22, 2006, Sunday herald (Halifax, N.S.), Nov. 7, 1999- ; Telegram (St. John's, N.L.), Apr. 5, 1997- ; and the Western Star (Corner Brook, N.L.), Oct. 1, 1999- .
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Full text database comprising content from influential local, national and international newspapers worldwide, trade publications, business news wires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, business-rich Web sites, investment analyst reports, market research reports, country and regional profiles, company profiles, historical market data, hard facts and numbers.