Virtual Exhibits

In 2004-05, the Faculty of Medicine Founders’ Archive created the virtual exhibit, Dr. Cluny Macpherson (1879-1966): Reflections of a Newfoundlander, which contains the Notebooks of Dr. Macpherson. He began writing while in hospital in 1936 and over the years compiled anecdotes about events that occurred in his life along with letters or copies of letters, newspaper clippings, excerpts from other people’s writings, lyrics to songs, and photographs, which he thought might be of interest to readers. Dr. Macpherson invented the gas mask (helmet) in 1915, and writes about this in one of the notebooks. 

In 2007, as a part of the Faculty of Medicine’s 40th anniversary, The Early Days of the Medical School at Memorial University virtual exhibit, which contains newspaper clippings, photographs, videos, and other material, was developed and made available online. 

The primary sources contained in both exhibits are located online in the Digital Archives Initiative (DAI) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

These exhibits were made possible through the work of many people and partnerships; a list of those involved may be found under Acknowledgements in both exhibits.  We also gratefully acknowledge the Department of Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives for their financial support for both projects.