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Alcock, Lindsay Public Services / Head, Division of Public Services 864-6072
Bangma, Janet Administration / Associate University Librarian 864-6027
Brown, Mark Lending Services 864-6070
Bryant, Patti Lending Services 864-6071
Clark, Amy Lending Services 864-6070
Darby, Karen Public Services 864-2999
Dunphy, Denise Administration 864-6052
Farrell, Alison Public Services / Librarian 864-4908
Fleming, Lori Lending Services 864-6070
Fowlow, Dion Information Resources Management 864-6012
Hefford, Melissa Founders' Archive 864-4917
Hayes, Shannon Administration 864-4904
March, Margaret on leave Information Resources Management  
McAlorum, Shannon Public Services / Librarian 864-2889
Morgan, Pamela on leave

Information Resources Management / Head, Division of Information
Resources Management and Archives

Porter, Lindsay Lending Services 864-6070
Romme, Kristen Public Services / Librarian 864-6064
Squire-Grace, Sherry Administration / Administrative Staff Specialist II 864-2899
Swab, Michelle Information Resources Management / Acting Head, Division of Information 
Resources Management and Archives
Williamson, Sandy on leave Lending Services