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The Newfoundland Periodical Article Bibliography (PAB), an author and subject bibliography of periodical articles on all aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador, is compiled in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies of Memorial University Libraries. As of June 2017, the database contained over 100,000 citations to articles appearing in journals between 1668 (the earliest article collected) and the present.

PAB attempts to cover all aspects of Newfoundland's history, description, development and resources, biography, literature, technology, social issues, and natural sciences.

Access to the citations is by author, article title, journal title, date of publication, keyword and subject heading. PAB uses a controlled vocabulary of some 25,000 subject headings designed to bring out Newfoundland content in the articles cited. The majority of the citations in PAB are from English language journals and magazines published in Newfoundland, Canada, Great Britain and the United States. Book reviews are included. Annual reports, yearbooks, conference proceedings and newspapers are largely excluded.

Articles by Newfoundlanders but not about Newfoundland are included if they in some way exemplify Newfoundland culture (e.g. literary works such as short stories, poetry, or humour).

The objective of the PAB is to make a major scholarly contribution in the form of a vast retrospective bibliography to the journal and periodical literature of Newfoundland and Labrador, and particularly to record it for the first time.

All articles cited have been viewed, verified and subject analysed by the Centre for Newfoundland Studies' PAB editor, Joan Ritcey. Viewed copies were obtained either from the Memorial University Library collection or through document delivery. All articles in the PAB are available at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies.

Articles with Newfoundland and Labrador content were discovered through the examination of full runs of likely journal titles, through published bibliographies and indexes, commercially-available computerized bibliographic databases, bibliographies in monographs, theses and at the end of articles, and in offprints and photocopied articles donated by authors.

A wide variety of Newfoundland-published periodicals were culled for their Newfoundland content, for example, Newfoundland Government Bulletin, Newfoundland Herald, Newfoundland Lifestyle, Newfoundland Quarterly, Newfoundland Studies, Culture & Tradition, Decks Awash, The Veteran, Them Days. The Christmas Annuals are included through the assistance of Dr. W. Kirwin.

As well, a wide variety of periodicals published in Canada, for example, Atlantic Guardian, Atlantic Insight, Atlantic Advocate, Maclean's, the Canadian Fisheries Research Board Journal, Canadian Geographical Journal; and outside of Canada, for example, Collier's, Forest and Stream, Youth's Companion, National Geographic, International Fishing News, Smithsonian, Royal Society (London) Philosophical Transactions, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland Journal were scanned systematically for Newfoundland content. Though many of the journals published outside of Newfoundland have been indexed in published indexes, the articles chosen for the PAB were assigned in-depth Newfoundland subject access.

Funding for the PAB was supplied by Memorial University Libraries, a SSHRC Strategic Research Grant and a Memorial University Vice-President's Research Grant.

Note: The truncation symbol for the PAB is *.

Additional information on the database may be obtained from J. Ritcey, at 864-7476, or email