PAB Help

The PAB (Periodical Article Bibliography) is compiled in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies. It is a bibliography of periodical articles on all aspects of life in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

  • The PAB identifies articles in journals that may not actually be owned by the Centre. If there isn't a link to library holdings in a record, search the journal title in the Library Catalogue. If the journal does not appear to be in the library system, check with CNS staff on the 3rd floor of the QEII Library or click on Ask CNS a Question to ask for help.
  • Since the province is the focus of this database, the word "Newfoundland" is not necessary when searching on a topic. 
  • If searching Labrador topics however, it may be useful to include the word "Labrador" in your search strategy. E.g. Search subject: botany AND Labrador
  • Use the asterisk (*) to truncate words. E.g. fish* finds fish, fishes, fishing, etc.
  • In the Boolean Search box, use quotes around phrases. E.g. "Signal Hill".
  • In the Boolean Search box, use "AND" to combine different concepts or to narrow searches. E.g. "native peoples" AND language.
  • In the Boolean Search box, use "OR" to expand searches or to find synonyms. E.g. (Irish OR celtic OR gaelic).
  • To print or e-mail records from the PAB, select the records by ticking the boxes. Go to Kept Folder to e-mail or print the records. 
  • Limiting a search by year(s) of publication is possible under Advanced Search. E.g. To find articles published in 1980: From Year 1980 ; To Year 1980. To find articles published in the 50s: From Year 1950 ; To Year 1959.

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