About First Space

The gallery offers emerging artists, in particular, graduates of the Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, a venue for their work. It provides the students and faculty of Memorial University an opportunity to educate the eye as well as the mind and provides an opportunity for the Memorial community to come together through Faculty/Staff exhibitions. The gallery's location in the library reminds us that both books and art are necessary to the soul.

The First Space Gallery hosts one show per semester, thus there are three shows per calendar year. The Fall and Winter semesters are reserved for graduates of the Visual Arts program at Grenfell. In the event there is not a show by this group, another exhibition relating to the University community will be hosted. The Spring/Summer shows feature art work by Faculty and Staff of Memorial.

In late 2003, it became obvious that the renovations to the second level of the Queen Elizabeth II Library would reveal a long wall space that was previously hidden by book stacks.
Two of the library staff suggested that the space would be an excellent venue for hanging art, particularly art produced by the students of Memorial's Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.
The idea was well received and tested with local gallery owners who noted a lack of space for hanging the works of emerging artists. The first exhibition was mounted in January 2004.

Art work can be purchased at the First Space Gallery by contacting the gallery coordinator.

Advisory Committee
Lorraine Busby
Joanne Costello (Coordinator)
Richard Ellis
Colleen Quigley
Stephanie Williams


 Joanne Costello
 (709) 864-8892/(709)-864-4376