Irish Newspapers

Irish National Newspapers on Microfilm

Belfast Newsletter and General Advertiser, 1738-1750, 1752-1769.
Belfast Newsletter, 1769-1835, 1837-1925.
Public Register or Freeman's Journal, 1763-1806.
Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, 1806-1892.
Freeman's Journal and National Press, 1892-1920.
Freeman's Journal, 1920-1924.
Irish Independent, 1905-1993, 1997 [some gaps].
The Independent on Sunday, 1990-92.
Irish Press, 1931-1967, 1989-1995.
Evening Press, 1989-1995.
Sunday Press, 1989-1995.
Irish Times, 1859-present.
The Leader: a Review of Current Affairs, Literature, Politics, Art and, Industry, 1900-1919.
The New Leader: a Review of Current Affairs, Literature, Politics, Art and Industry, 1919-1920.
The Leader: a Review of Current Affairs, Literature, Politics, Art and Industry, 1920-1921.

Irish Provincial Newspapers

Arrangement is by County. Where the name of a newspaper changed over time, the different names have been kept together in a group.

County Antrim

Ulsterman (Belfast), 1852-59

County Carlow

Carlow Morning Post, 1817-35
Carlow Sentinel, or, Wicklow and Kildare Agricultural, Literary and Commercial Advertiser, 1840
Carlow Sentinel, or, Commercial and Literary Advertiser, 1832- 1840
Carlow Sentinel and Leinster Agricultural, Commercial and Literary Advertiser, 1845-1920
Carlow Sentinel and Leinster Agricultural, Literary and Commercial Advertiser, 1840-1845

County Cavan

The Anglo-Celt, 1846-1929

County Clare

Clare Journal (Ennis), 1910-1917

County Cork

Cork Accent/Free Press (Cork), 1910-1916
The Cork and South of Ireland General Advertiser, 1851-1853
Cork Constitution (Cork), 1822-62; 1876-89
The Cork Daily Advertiser and Mercantile Prices Current, 1836- 1837.
Cork Evening Post, 1757-1791 (some gaps)
New Cork Evening Post, 1792-1806 (some gaps)
Cork Evening Herald 1833-1836.
Cork Mercantile Chronicle, 1803-1818, 1832-1835 (some gaps)
Cork Sentinel, 1831
Hibernian Chronicle,1769-1770, 1772-1799.
Flynn's Hibernian Chronicle, 1800

County Dublin

Flag of Ireland (Dublin), 1869-81
United Ireland (Dublin), 1881-98 [continues Flag of Ireland]
Hibernian Journal, or Chronicle of Liberty, 1807-08
Irish Felon (Dublin), 1848
Irish People; a weekly journal of national politics and literature (Dublin), 1863-65
Irish People, 1899-1909
Irishman (Dublin), 1858-1885
Nation, 1842-1852
Notes from Ireland, 1886-1918
Patriot (Dublin), 1810-1829
The Pilot, 1899-1909
Saunder's Newsletter, 1773-1783
Saunder's Newsletter and Daily Advertiser, 1784-1798
United Irishman, 1848
United Irishman; a National Weekly Review, 1899-1906

County Galway

Galway American (Galway), 1862-63
Galway Free Press, 1832-1835
Galway Independent Paper, 1823-1843
The Galway Mercury and Connaught Weekly Advertiser, 1844-1860
Galway Packet and Connaught Advocate, 1852-1854
Galway Patriot, 1835-1839
Galway Press, 1860-1861
The Galway Standard, 1842-1843
The Galway Vindicator, 1841-1899
The Galway Weekly Advertiser, 1823-1843

County Kerry

Kerry Sentinel (Tralee), 1878-96

County Kilkenny

Finn's Leinster Journal, 1790-1799,1801
Leinster Journal, 1802-28
Kilkenny Journal and Leinster Commercial and Literary Advertiser, 1832-1900
The Kilkenny Moderator, 1828-1840 (some gaps)
Kilkenny Moderator and Leinster Advertiser, 1881-1902 (some gaps)

County Limerick

Limerich Reporter and Tipperary Vindicator (Limerick/Nenagh), 1839-54

County Tipperary

The Clonmel Advertiser and Literary Journal, 1843
The Clonmel Advertiser, 1828-1838
Clonmel Gazette (1781-87)
The Tipperary Constitution, and Munster and Leinster Advertiser, 1835-1848
The Tipperary Leader, 1855-56
The Tipperary Nationalist and Southern Irishman, 1889-90

County Waterford

Waterford Advertiser, 1848
Waterford Chronicle, 1771-1844
Waterford Freeman, 1845-47
Waterford Mirror, 1808-1840

County Wexford

The People (Wexford), 1857-1888 (some gaps)
The Wexford Conservative, 1832-1846
The Wexford Evening Post, 1826-1830
The Wexford Freeman, 1832-1837
The Wexford Herald, 1828-1832