QEII Policies - Food and Drink

 Approved: September 2010 (edited December 2010)

Following the guidelines of the Standards of Behaviour in Memorial University Libraries, and to create a more hospitable library environment for those who wish to use the collection, the QEII library is requesting the assistance of its users with its new food and beverage policy which allows limited food and beverage consumption in the library.


  • While, environmentally friendly travel mugs are preferred, beverages can be consumed in covered containers to reduce the chance of spills.  



  • Cold snack food which produces minimal mess and smell (e.g. vegetables, crackers, cheese, raisins, chips, chocolate bars, etc.) 
  • No hot food is permitted to be brought in by patrons or delivered to them. 


We ask that you consume your beverages and food with the following in mind:

  • Please help us keep the library clean by depositing your waste in garbage cans and recycling bins available on each floor. 
  • Any spill is reported immediately to staff at any of the library's service desks.
  • Alcohol is not permitted. 


Please refrain from consuming food in the following areas where special materials are stored:

  • Archives & Special Collections
  • Centre for Newfoundland Studies
  • Map Library
  • Please use extra care and caution when in proximity to computer workstations or other technology.


Thank you very much for using the recycling and garbage bins and helping to keep your library clean!