Computers and Software

We provide computers for research use on the second floor of the librarya. These computers offer internet access, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Specialized GIS software is available on our computers in the Map Library, located on the second floor of the library. This includes: 

  • ArcMap 10
  • Google Earth
  • SPSS 20
  • Minitab 16

Saving files for retrieval later

Did you know you can save items on computers in the library and retrieve them from home? Here's how:

The Commons and Digital Media Centre

The Commons @ QEIIThe Commons, also located on the second floor of the library, provide computers with productivity software, including Microsoft Word, and specialized software such as photoshop.

The Digital Media Centre offers more advanced software and services such as large scale printing. You can also print colour documents and large scale items in the DMC. Full details on the software and services offered by these spaces are on their website.