Government Information for Other Countries

General Sources 

Produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and regularly updated.

Chronological summaries of economic, political, social, environmental, monetary, trade and legal events of countries since 1910.

A website from The Economist that contains profiles for 60 countries. These provide factsheets, political outlooks and economic forecasts, brief economic statistics, and recent news articles from the magazine, some of which are only available through subscription. Information can be retrieved by subject, surveys, keyword and general categories such as books & arts, markets & data, and people.

More in-depth economic, political and social analysis than the Country Briefings above, with coverage of roughly 200 countries.

Guides to history, politics and economic background of countries that also include audio and video clips from the BBC archives.

History, culture, government, economy and trade laws of 196 countries, plus a directory of international business resources.

A wide ranging site with links to government and non-government sources including history, travel & education information.

Lists political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to parties, organizations, governments, media and more from around the world

Provides concise country information including people, economy, government, military and transnational issues affecting the country.


Links to information about the parliaments in over 190 countries.

Legislation and Legal

Legal information worldwide by topic, and place.

Over 2000 summaries of significant human rights decisions from Commonwealth courts and tribunals applying international human rights law.

Convenient gateway to business-related legislation worldwide, searchable by region, country or subject category.

Documents, news and links related to freedom of information in more than 65 countries.

Links to Supreme Court decisions in 105 countries.

A database of national laws from approximately 35 contributing countries and organizations that is accessed from a Web server of the U.S. Library of Congress. Provides searchable legal abstracts in English and some full texts of laws in the language of the contributing country.

Created by the Library of Congress, this site links to constitutions, executive, legislative and judicial branches, legal guides and general resources for over 200 countries.

This site by the Law Library Resources Xchange offers guides to electronic and print resources to legal systems from around the world. Many of the guides are structured to explain the process of law making in their respective countries.

A bibliographic database containing information about labour, social security and human rights legislation of roughly 180 countries.

A selective listing of current web sites that provide links to texts of laws, court decisions and international documents.

A meta-index to court cases from international and national courts.


Statistics and country reports from the International Labour Organization's Statistical Information & Monitoring Programme on Child Labour (SIMPOC).

Statistics on fisheries, agriculture, forestry, nutrition, food-aid, land use, etc. by country and region.

Population statistics at the world level, population clocks, country rankings by population, demographic country summaries and population pyramids.

Labour statistics for over 200 countries or territories.

Has country specific monetary and financial information.

An A-Z list linking to the national statistical agencies of over 200 countries. Includes an entry for 'Inernational Organizations' pointing to websites such as the UN, OECD and the ILO.

Points to official labour force surveys from over 200 countries.

Access is to the free portion of this collection of data for countries, regions and topics from a large number of internatonal agencies.

Socio-eonomic, health, transport and environment statistics on the 34 OECD member countries.

Provides economic statistics for 179 countries.

Free official statistics by country, region and topic, including some time series. Some data is available as text or spreadsheets.

Gives country specific information for child health, nutrition, education, maternal health and water and sanitation.

Country and regional statistics on education, science, technology, culture and communication available for different dates.

From the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, this site has statistics on parliamentary and presidential elections. It includes total votes, number of registered voters, voter turnout by gender, turnout percentage, voting age. It also has essays on voting, e.g. compulsory voting, voting by mail.

Offers GNP, world development indicators (WDI), education, gender, health, nutrition & population(CHNP) statistics for countries, country groups and country classifications.

Links to health and health-related statistical information available by country and date.

International trade statistics including by country and region.