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Points to an overview of the U.N., its main organs and specialized agencies, member states, issues and campaigns, key documents and publications. 

Contains an alphabetic index of websites of organizations and agencies under the UN umbrella. Also includes websites of joint initiatives or special projects established to address specific areas of interest.

  • Organization chart of the United Nations, showing its constituent organs and affiliated bodies


Catalogues and Indexes

Catalogue of United Nations documentation and publications indexed by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva. Also included are commercial publications and other non-UN sources. UNBISnet coverage is primarily from 1979 onward. However, older documents are being added to the catalogue on a regular basis with many records linking to full text in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Also includes voting records for the General Assembly and Security Council from 1946 - present. Indexes speeches for the General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council from 1983 - present. Speeches from the Trusteeship Council are indexed from 1982 - present. See also the UNDL entry below.

Integrates the 3 UNBISNET databases - bibliographic records, voting records, speeches - mentioned in the entry above, incorporating digital content from 1993 onwards. Also provides full text of resolutions of the principal organs from 1946; Security Council plenary documents from 1946; supplements to the General Assembly Official Records from 1946; General Assembly plenary meeting records from 1946.

Identifies documents and major publications of the UN and its constituent bodies. Titles are grouped under topics such as disarmament, environment, gender, human rights, international law, and peace and security. Where applicable, a link is provided to the publication's web version (either full text, summary, or extracts). Also includes some works published outside of the UN system.

The catalogue of the International Labour Organization Library is a rich database comprising roughly 550,000 references to the world's literature on labour related topics. These include industrial relations, labour law, employment, working conditions, vocational training, labour-related aspects of economics, social development, rural development, technological change, labour legislation, personnel management, social security, occupational safety and health, income distribution, employment and training policy, migrant workers, equal opportunity and other related subjects. Some 1,000 citations and digital files are added each year.


Provides commodity trade data for all available countries and regions since 1962, with a selection of historical data from 1900 - 1960. Note the 'Visualize data' button, pointing to several ingenious visualization and data extraction tools from the government, private and academic sectors.

Contains numerous links to large data sets as well as summary tables of fishery statistics.

A mulitlingual site from the FAO, providing statistics by country and topic, such as, fertilizers, pesticide use, land use, forest land, forestry production, soil, livestock, nourishment and CO2 emissions. 

Databases cover labour market indicators, child labour and labour force surveys for over 200 countries.

Rapid keyword searching for statistics by country. "Country data services" points to countries' national statistics agencies. "Databases" allows searching by topic, UN agency or database title.

Contains brief tables of demographic and socio-economic indicators such as infant mortality, life expectancy, adult literacy, nutrition, health HIV/Aids, education, economy, and women.


Click "Depositary" and "Certified true copies" for the full text of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General. "Registration and Publication" also allows the option of viewing the League of Nations Treaty Series.

Locates status data for multilateral environmental treaties, treaty text and country profiles indentifying agreements signed by individual states. 

Searchable by region or country, the database locates the text of various working documents of the UN human rights committees monitoring the implementation of international human rights treaties.

Full Text sources

Contains over 140,000 official documents from 1995 onwards, retrievable by keyword and browse searching.

Contains judgements, decisions, case-law analyses and guides, official texts, case statistics as well as statistics indentifying violations by articles and states. "Case-law" links to the HUDOC database for searching judgments, decisions, consultative opinions, legal summaries and press releases.   

ODS covers official United Nations documents, beginning in 1993. It also provides access to the resolutions of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards. ODS does not cover UN sales publications; these can be found in UNBISNET, listed above.

A convenient gateway to legislative, statistical and terminological databases relating to the world of work. This includes NORMLEX, pointing to key documents such as the ILO Constitution, ILO Conventions and Recommendations, country profiles relating to labour, and ratifications of ILO Conventions by country. 

              Full text of OECD publications, country statictical profiles and datasets.

Contains evaluation reports of the organization's projects, programs, and policies as well as research papers on refugee issues. 

Provides the official archived records of the World Bank with access to a few digitized records. Offers keyword and browse searching. 

A comprehensive gateway to IMF publications by topic and country.