Assistive Technology

The QEII Library provides a dedicated assistive technology space, located on the main floor of the library in room L2001.

A variety of technology is available in the room, including:

  • computer
  • Electric height-adjustable desk
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Scanning and printing capabilities
  • Assistive technology software including:
    • screen readers
    • magnifiers
    • voice dictation

You can book the Assistive Technology Room online. The room is available on a first come, first served basis and may be booked for up to three hours at a time, three times a week, three months in advance.  

Assistive Workstations

There are three assistive technology workstations in the QEII Library.

The Commons Classroom (main floor, QEII Library)

There are two designated assistive technology stations located in the Classroom. Both stations offer software such as screen readers, magnifiers, and voice dication. The station at the back of the Classroom includes an electric, height-adjustable desk.

The  Digital Media Centre (main floor, QEII Library)

The Digital Media Centre (DMC) is located at the back of The Commons. This station includes assistive technology software, a height-adjustable desk, and a scanner.

Borrow Assistive Technology

Ask to borrow the following assistive technology at the Computing Support Desk of the QEII Library.

  • Echo Livescribe Smartpen - records audio as you write and allows you to upload written notes to your computer
  • iPad - available with a variety of installed assistive technology apps
  • IRIS Pen Scanner - handheld scanner. Scanned text immediately displays on the screen and can be read out loud.
  • Adonit Jot-Script Stylus - allows for easy sketching and notetaking on mobile devices
  • Smartview Versa - handheld magnifier
  • Half keyboard - access standard keyboard functions through the use of one hand.
  • Switch - an alternative computer mouse
  • Visitor Classic - a small audio player that plays books in Daisy format. It lets you add bookmarks, voice notes, and move forward through chapters

Also note that there is a payphone TTY available in the porch area of the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

Assistive Technology Tutorial

Need help using assistive technology? You can book a tutorial by:

Need more help? Ask us!