Assistive Technology

The QEII Library provides a dedicated space with specialized software for library users, located on the main floor of the library in room L2001.

A variety of technology is available in the room, including

  • computer
  • screen reader
  • screen magnifier
  • optical scanner
  • closed circuit tv (CCTV)
  • voice dictation

You can book the Assistive Technology Room online or check for availability at the circulation desk on the main floor of the QEII library. The room is first come, first served so be sure to book in advance if you need the room for an exam. You may be required to share the room.

Assistive Workstation

There is one assistive technology workstation in the classroom on the main floor of the QEII Library. This station is available for use when the classroom is not in booked. The workstation features:

  • an electronically manipulated, height adjustable desk

  • ergonomic chairs

  • specialized software including screen reader, screen magnifier, CCTV, and voice dictation software. Full details on software are on The Commons webpage.

Borrow Assistive Technology

Ask to borrow the assistive technology listed below at the circulation desk of the QEII Library.

  • Half Keyboard: Access standard keyboard functions through the use of one hand.

  • Switch: An alternative computer mouse.

  • Victor Classic: A small audio player that plays books in Daisy format. It also lets you add bookmarks, voice notes, and move forward through chapters..

  • Platronics Head Set: This is particularly useful for using voice dictation and screen reading software.

  • Headphones.

Also note that there is a payphone TTY available in the porch area of the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

Assistive Technology Tutorial

Need help using assistive technology? You can book a tutorial by:

  • visiting the Computing Support Desk

  • emailing

  • calling 864-6159

Need more help?

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