Educational Psychology Inventories & Assessment Tests

The Education Library has a collection of educational tests and measurements. This is an "instructional use only" collection for current students and instructors.  B and C level tests support specific undergraduate and graduate coursework in Special Education and counseling Psychology. Only students and instructors registered in these courses have access to the B and C level tests. These instruments are in demand and must be booked in advance through the Education Library. 

To sign out a test you must be registered for one of the courses that provides training for that specific test as we do not make them generally available; they are only to be used for training purposes. You will have to complete a contract in which you agree to only use them for this purpose and to take measures to ensure the security of the test instrument as well as the privacy for those who assist you by serving as test subjects.

To obtain a test, here are the steps:

  • Visit the circulation desk and give us the details regarding which test you need. We will book the test for that time period (max 72 hours). If necessary, you can do this by telephone (1-709-864-7465).
  • When you arrive to collect the test, please have your MUN ID ready.
  • You may also purchase the consumables for the test as well, at the circulation desk. We only accept cash at this time.

Return the items within 72 hours, either at the circulation desk drop slot, the drop slot just outside the library entrance (Rm. ED2030), or the drop bin outside the Education building located at Door 6 (the one on the 2nd floor that faces the Main Library). 


Levels of Standardized Tests

You have the ethical responsibility to use tests at your level of training and to be trained and familiar with each instrument that you use.

Level A - Regular Classroom Teacher
Level B - Trained Special Education Teacher
Level C - Master's level training