3D Drawing, Printing & Scanning

Scribbler 3D Pen

You can borrow a Scribbler V3 3D Pen. Invented in 2013, 3D pens allow you to instantly create three-dimentional drawings using thermoplastic filament instead of ink. Our pens come with biodegradable, PLA filament in various colours to let you try out this new technology. Check out this YouTube video review or download the instruction sheet.

3D Printing

The library has a Tiertime UP Mini 2 3D printer which will print any .STL file. The library provides thermoplastic filament, in both PLA and ABS, for printing in a variety of colours. If you would like to try 3D printing, please contact Public Services Librarian, Crystal Rose.

There are many free programs available for creating and editing 3D models. Beginners may want to try:

Once you have a model, you will have to import it - using the universal .STL file format - to the Tiertime UP Studio software which allows you to adjust and tweak the imported file (scale, rotate, position) and send it to the printer. This software requires a Tiertime account (the library has one). The time it takes to print a 3D object depends on the size of the model and the settings that you use for printing (like amount of infill). Most 3D print jobs take several hours to complete.


3D Scanning

The library has an Occipital Structure Sensor 3D scanner that can be used with iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), or iPad Mini to make 3D scans of real objects.

The scanner works best with the ItSeez3D app on iPad. You will need to download the following free apps:

For help, try this YouTube video.

The library printer can only read .STL files. You can use one of several websites that convert 3D files to .STL for free, like: www.3dtransform.com