Literature Search Service

The Health Sciences Library offers a free literature search service for our researchers and clinicians. Submit your research question, and a librarian will perform the search and provide results in approximately two business days. We provide citations and abstracts only, not full text articles.


Eligible users include Memorial University health sciences faculty, staff, medical residents*, research assistants, and staff of Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services (Health Sciences Centre site only).

Students are not eligible for this service. Instead, students may request a consultation with a librarian for one-on-one searching assistance. 

*Medical residents may submit requests for literature searches unrelated to their resident research project. For searches related to the resident research project, we are happy to provide searching guidance and advice.


Submit your request.

A librarian will perform the search and email you the search results (citations and abstracts) within approximately two business days.

Systematic and Scoping Reviews

Due to their complexity, requests for systematic and scoping reviews are not eligible for the HSL Literature Search Service; however, a number of HSL librarians are trained in systematic and scoping review techniques and are available to join review teams, subject to availability. Please see Librarian Participation in Systematic Reviews, Scoping Reviews, and Other Comprehensive Searches.