Noise Policy

Quiet Areas

This includes all service areas, computer classrooms, study rooms, general seating and study spaces. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Any conversation should be kept brief, and at low or whispered levels. 

Exceptions where normal conversational levels may be acceptable:

  • when staff are providing instruction, reference or other library services
  • within group study or viewing rooms.

Electronic Devices

  • Hospital pagers - keep volume low, or switch to vibrate mode, to minimize disturbance to others. 
  • Other electronic devices - sound, audio features, ringers and similar noises should be turned off while in the Library. 
  • Headphones may be used for listening but only if noise from the headphones is not audible to others.

Non Compliance

Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that noise is limited to the appropriate level. If someone is making too much noise, they will be given a warning. If the warning is ignored, they will be told to leave the Library. If necessary, Security will be contacted. The name (student number if applicable) of repeat offenders will be passed on to the Head of Public Services or the Associate Dean of Libraries (Health Sciences). Disciplinary action against students is outlined in the University's Code of Student Conduct.