Study Room Policy

The library has a number of single and group study rooms available for booking. Use is restricted to Memorial’s Health Sciences students.

Rooms can be booked online up to three days in advance. The minimum booking time is 30 minutes; maximum is two hours.

All library policies apply. Abuse of policies may result in loss of room use. Reserved rooms that are found to be empty may result in cancellation of the full booked period and removal of belongings by Lending Services staff.

Groups and individuals are responsible for ensuring that the study rooms are cleared prior to leaving. Garbage must be placed in the bins and all books, papers, pens, etc. are to be removed.

Single study rooms

  • S1-S5 are available for advance booking
  • Located at the west end of the library past the computer classroom

Group study rooms

  • G1-G9 are available for advance booking
  • Groups of 2 or more are required; not to be used as a single study space
  • White boards are available in each room
  • Located both east and west of the Lending Services desk

Group Projects room

  • Equipped with computer display projector, a large display screen, and laptop connections.
  • Technical equipment problems should be reported to Lending Services
  • Groups of 2 or more are required; not to be used as a single study space

Assigned single study rooms

  • S6-S15 are assigned to graduate students in the Division of Community Health and Humanities per an arrangement negotiated between the Faculty of Medicine and the Health Sciences Library. Keys for these rooms are checked out to graduate students at the Lending Services desk.
    • Keys are checked out to Graduate Students when they arrive in the library and are returned when they leave the library.
    •  The University is not responsible for items left in the room. NOTE: although the door locks, you should not consider the room secure.
    •  Library material must be checked out before taken to a study room. Rooms will be checked periodically and library materials not signed out will be removed.
    •  The user may not affix items to the windows or walls. Garbage must be placed in the cans outside the rooms. Spills or other problems must be reported to Lending Services. The library will periodically post notice and arrange for cleaning of the rooms.
    •  Abuse of privileges will result in loss of room use. Loss or non-return of key will result in a non-refundable $10.00 fee.