Ideas for Assignments

Students need to acquire the ability to find, evaluate, and use information. But the skills required to find the best information, and in the most efficient manner, are ones that must be taught and practised - and practised - and practised. The term/research paper has been the most commonly used method of evaluating whether or not students can successfully apply information seeking skills - but there are other ways. Often the library has been the place where they did their research - and it still should be. Now many of the resources of the library are available outside of the building and are accessible through the home pages of the MUN Library System.

We want to work with you to plan assignments which will make good use of the resources of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Libraries, and to present research classes for your courses. Contact us to explore some of the alternatives to term/research papers.

The ideas on these pages are organized to reflect the primary teaching objective of the assignment. We have a number of handouts which will help students with different types of assignments, e.g. writing annotated bibliographies. The links within this document will take you, and your students, to those handouts.