Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers A-C


  • Place of publication: Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Dates of publication: Apr. 8, 1936-
  • Frequency:
    • Semimonthly, Apr. 8, 1936-Feb. 8, 1937.
    • Weekly, Feb. 20, 1937-Mar. 1, 1961.
    • Semiweekly, Mar. 6, 1961-
  • Title varies:
  • Publisher:
    • M. & W. Blackmore, Apr. 8, 1936-Jan. 18?, 1937.
    • Blackmore Printing Co. Ltd., Feb. 8, 1937-Nov. 28, 1968.
    • Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing Ltd., Dec. 2,1968-
  • Editor:
    • Laura Blackmore, 1936-1937 and at later intervals
    • John St. John, Nov. 1937-Mar. 1938.
    • Leonard C. Hawco, 1940-1945.
    • A. B. Sullivan, Oct. 5, 1946-Dec. 24, 1948.
    • Peter Maher, 1949?
    • Bruce Woodland, May 1951-?
    • Robert (wee Bobbie) Thomas Clark, 1955-1958
    • Ron Ennis, June 3, 1974-Sept. 24, 1987.
    • Tom Quilliam, Oct. 1, 1987-Aug. 18, 1988.
    • Jeff Koller, Aug. 22, 1988-Sept. 28, 1989.
    • Maria Janicker, Oct. 19, 1989-Sept. 19, 1991.
    • Reg Hamilton, Oct. 3, 1991-Apr. 26, 1993.
    • Kimberly Brett, Apr. 29, 1993-
    • Dates are not known for the following:
    • Kevin Dermody
    • John McColgan.
    • Fraser Lush.
    • Bernard Bromley.
    • Francis Nichols.
  • Description:
    The Grand Falls Advertiser began as a small family operation, printed with hand set type by brothers Walter and Michael Blackmore and edited by Michael's wife Laura. It was the first of what was to become the largest chain of community papers in the province. Editorially, the paper opposed the Commission of Government and was outspoken in its support of Responsible Government in 1948. It was neutral in the 1949 election, becoming a strong supporter of Smallwood in the 1950's. In the 1960's, the paper expressed concern about the lack of opposition and eventually assumed an independent political outlook. Changing its name to Advertiser after the amalgamation of the towns of Grand Falls and Windsor, the paper features provincial and regional news, editorials, sports, club news, letters, and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 3 months only Original
    • MUN [1936]-1990 Microfilm
    • PRL [1936]- Original
    • PRL [1936]-1990 Microfilm

Advocate see

Advocate Extra

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Only issue located: July 13, 1892
  • Description:
    The only extant issue is a small orange broadside which gives information about the aftermath of the Great Fire. It contains no information about the publisher, but may be related to the Terra Nova Advocate, which has surviving issues dated to June 1892.
  • Holdings:
    • St. John's City Archives July 13, 1892


  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Began publication: May 20, 1895. (1)
  • Frequency: Irregular.
  • Publisher: James Murray.
  • Printer: W.J. Herder,
  • No holdings recorded.

Aurora check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Labrador City
  • Dates of publication: Apr. 10, 1969-
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher:
    • Charles Devine, Aug. 1970-1979?
    • Gordon Parsons & Graham Decker, 1979?-?
  • Publishing company:
    • Robinson-Blackmore Printing & Publishing Ltd., Apr.11,1969-Aug.1970.
    • Aurora Enterprises Limited, Apr. 29, 1981-Feb. 22, 1988.
    • Robinson-Blackmore Printing & Publishing Ltd, Feb. 29,1988-.
  • Editor:
    • Jim Owens, 1969.
    • Charles Devine, June 1970-1979?
    • Gary Peckham,1994-
  • Description:
    The Aurora concerns itself with local news of the Labrador West area, provincial, personal, social, church and club news and sports. The editorials generally have dealt with matters such as local development, the problems of the mining industry and social issues. The Aurora has usually remained politically neutral, but in the early seventies, it supported the PC Party and argued that Smallwood should resign.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 3 months only Original
    • MUN 1969-1994 Microfilm
    • PRL 1969-1994 Microfilm
    • PRL [1970]- Original


  • Place of publication: Wabush Lake
  • Dates of publication: 1965?-Aug. 22, 1967.
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Editors: Fred W. Houghton and Nita Wood.
  • Description:
    The Aurora was a small mimeographed newspaper which used the slogan "Wabush Lake news and views." It printed local and provincial news, personal news, church news, poetry, advertisements and public notices. The paper ceased publication in August 1967 when one of the editors moved to Saskatchewan.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL [1966-1967] (JNM 23)

Avalon Advertiser

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Earliest issue located:May 24, 1973 (no. 2)
  • Last issue located: Sept. 6, 1973.
  • Publisher: St. John's Publishing Co. Ltd.
  • Description:
    The Avalon Advertiser was a total market coverage paper issued in conjunction with the Evening Telegram. It consisted mostly of advertisements with snippets of provincial news, which were probably reprinted from the Evening Telegram.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL 1973

Avalon Guardian

  • Place of publication: Bay Roberts
  • Began publication: Nov. 15, 1952.
  • Last issue located: Feb. 14, 1958.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Title varies:
  • Publisher:
    • Speaker Publishers, 1952-1954.
    • Avalon Guardian Publishing Co., Feb. 8-14, 1958.
  • Editor: Edgar A. Russell
  • Description:
    Calling itself "Conception Bay's only newspaper", the Avalon Guardian was remarkably political for a small, mimeographed journal. Besides the usual local news and sports, social and church news and advertisements, the editorials were outspoken on local, provincial and even national issues. The editor stressed the need for centralized management of fish plants and supported the certification of the town's union, which was opposed by town council. He often attacked Smallwood's policies and statements and supported the CCF.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1952-1954] Microfilm
    • PRL [1952-1954] Microfilm
    • PRL [1952-1954, 1958] Original

Avalon News

  • Place of publication: St. John's.
  • Only issues located: April and May, 1945 (v. 3, no. 3-4).
  • Frequency: Monthly.
  • Publisher: St. John's Naval Canteen.
  • Editor: Clyde Gilmour.
  • WRCNS editor: Melba Lent.
  • Description:
    Two issues of the Avalon News were seen in a private collection. It was a military newspaper and contained "news censored in accordance with Naval Orders".
  • No holdings recorded.

Baie Verte Times

  • Place of publication: Baie Verte, W. B.
  • Earliest issue located: July 1, 1966 (v. 1, no. 11)
  • Last issue located: Mar. 15, 1967 (v. 2, no. 5).
  • Description:
    The Baie Verte Times was a small, mimeographed newspaper containing local news, advertisements, personal, social and club news, letters to the editor, advertisements and listings of community events.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL July 1, 1966, Mar. 15, 1967

Banner of Progress

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Began publication: Sept. 1, 1904.
  • Last issue located: Sept. 26, 1904.
  • Publisher: Printed and pub. for the proprietors by Robinson & Currie.
  • Frequency: Semiweekly.
  • Description:
    In its first issue, the Banner of Progress admitted its partisan political stance: "The Banner of Progress is the recognized organ of the Opposition Party led by the Rt. Hon. Sir W. V. Whiteway, K. C. M. G."
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1904] (CNS Archives)

Banner of Temperance check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Earliest issue located: Jan. 18, 1851 (v. 1, no. 2).
  • Last issue located: Dec. 20, 1851 (v. 1, no. 26).
  • Frequency: Biweekly.
  • Editor, printer and publisher: Henry Winton, Jr.
  • Description:
    Printed from the office of the Public Ledger, the Banner of Temperance devoted itself to the cause indicated by its title. It contained advice for teetotalers, tragic stories of the effects of liquor, original poetry on the subject and statistics on drunkenness in St. John's and other places. The paper was especially opposed to the liquor trade-- "It stands forth prominent as an incubus which weighs upon and stifles the better and more moral feelings of men, clinging to its human food with a pertinacity and determination fiendish in the extreme ..." (Apr. 26, 1851). Although the activities of the Sons of Temperance of Newfoundland featured prominently in its pages, the editor denied there being any connection between that organization and his paper.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1851] Microfilm
    • PRL [1851] Original and microfilm

Barrelman see Newfoundlander 

Bay News check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Bay Roberts
  • Dates of publication: Aug. 16, 1958-July 25, 1959.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Editor and publisher: Patrick H. Pickett.
  • Description:
    Under the slogan "A weekly newspaper for Conception and Trinity Bays", the Bay News printed mostly local news, advertisements, TV listings, social news and local sports. It was published in a mimeographed format.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1958-[1959] Microfilm
    • PRL 1958-[1959] Original and microfilm

Bay Roberts Guardian

  • Place of publication: Bay Roberts
  • Began publication: July 9, 1909.
  • Last issue located: July 9, 1949.
  • Suspended publication: Oct. 27, 1920-Jan. 12, 1923.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Title varies:
    • Guardian, July 9, 1909-Nov. 11, 1939.  (check MUN Holdings)
    • Bay Roberts Guardian, Nov. 18, 1939-July 9, 1949.  
      (check MUN Holdings)
  • Editor and publisher: Charles E. Russell, July 9, 1909-Oct. 23, 1937.
  • Proprietor: Estate of Charles E. Russell, Nov. 26, 1937-Nov. 11, 1939.
  • Editor:
    • Charles R. Russell, Nov. 18, 1939-Jan. 8, 1944.
    • Arthur S. Russell and David B. Russell, Nov. 4, 1944-July 9,1949.
  • Description:
    The Bay Roberts Guardian featured local, provincial and foreign news, public notices, personal and social news, proceedings of the legislature, and fishing and shipping news. Under the editorship of C.E. Russell (1877-1937), the paper reflected his involvement in politics. In 1913, the editorials were extremely pro-Morris, supporting the People's party and opposing Coaker. The paper expressed opposition to Confederation at that time. In 1915, more independence for the outports from the influence of St. John's was advocated.

    In 1923, Russell was snubbed by the Opposition Party which he had previously supported. The editorial policy ofGuardian abruptly changed sides and supported the Liberals under Richard Squires. The paper sided with the Monroe government in 1924 and the editor was appointed Minister of Public Works. In 1926, the editor resigned that office and became a neutral, resigning from politics in 1928. The paper became less political beginning in the late 1920's, focusing on local issues such as the need for breakwaters and traffic control. Still mildly supportive of the government, the editorials ran to political philosophizing, frequently decrying public apathy. The paper had a neutral attitude toward the Commission of Government at first, but by 1937 became extremely critical of its shortcomings. The Guardiansupported Confederation in 1948.

  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1910-1920, 1923-1949] Microfilm
    • PANL [1910-1920, 1923-1949] Microfilm
    • PRL [1910-1920, 1923-1949] Microfilm

Bay Roberts Outlook see Newfoundland Outlook

Bay Star check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Stephenville.
  • Dates of publication: Mar. 8, 1990-Sept. 21, 1993.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publishing company: Canadian Newspapers Company Ltd.
  • Publisher and general manager:
    • Robert C. Marshall, Mar.-May 1990.
    • David A. Beattie, May-Dec. 1990.
    • John Cheek, Jan. 1991-Sept. 1993.
  • Managing editor: Richard Williams.
  • Description:
    The Bay Star was a satellite tabloid to the Western Star, issued from its Stephenville Office on Tuesdays to subscribers in the Bay St. George area. The Bay Star included news of the Stephenville region, social and club news, personal news, sports and advertisements. It discontinued publication after 2½ years because "people want news as current as possible which is difficult to achieve through a weekly publication." (Sept. 21, 1993).
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1990-1993. On microfilm with Western Star.
    • PRL 1990-1993.

B.A.Y. TV check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Placentia
  • Earliest issue located: Oct. 1991 (v. 1, no. 2).
  • Last issue located: Aug. 1992.
  • Frequency: Monthly.
  • Editor: Marlene Cashin.
  • Publisher: B.A.Y. TV Newsletter Committee of the B.A.Y. TV Group.
  • Description:
    Subtitled "Placentia Area Community News", B.A.Y. TV included editorials on local issues, local news. letters and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1991]-1992


  • Place of publication: Gander
  • Dates of publication: Nov. 6, 1958-
  • Frequency:
    • Weekly, Nov. 6, 1958-Oct. 24, 1979.
    • Semiweekly, Oct. 31, 1979-Apr. 30, 1982.
    • Weekly, May 7, 1982-
  • Title varies:
  • Publishing Company:
    • Blackmore Printing Co., Nov. 6, 1958-Nov. 27, 1968.
    • Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing Ltd., Dec. 4, 1968-
  • Publisher: Gerald Vokey, 1961-
  • Editor:
    • Robert (wee Bobbie) Thomas Clark, 1958-1960.(2)
    • Gerald Vokey, Aug. 7, 1974-Nov. 26, 1975.
    • Bob Moss, Dec. 3, 1975-July 24, 1991.
    • David Sorenson, Mar, 10, 1993-Nov. 9, 1994.
    • Greg Seaward, 1995-
  • Acting editor:
    • Stephen Maher, July 31-Sept. 18, 1991.
    • Donna Barnes, Oct. 2, 1991-Mar. 3, 1993.
  • Description:
    The Beacon publishes regional news of northern central Newfoundland, provincial news, entertainment, local sports, social and club news, letters and advertisements. Similar to the Advertiser in its editorial policy, it strongly supported the Smallwood administration in the 1950's and gradually become more nonpartisan as the years passed.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 3 months only Original
    • MUN 1958-1990. Microfilm
    • PRL 1958- Original
    • PRL 1958-1990. Microfilm

Bell Island and Conception Bay Reporter

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Began publication: Oct. 19, 1957.
  • Last issue located: Nov. 2, 1957.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher: Pumphrey-O'Neill Enterprises.
  • Printer: Robinson & Co.
  • Editor: Ron Pumphrey.
  • Description:
    The Bell Island and Conception Bay Reporter was one of several attempts by Ron Pumphrey to establish a community newspaper for this region. Published on newsprint in broadsheet format, it featured original Conception Bay and Bell Island news and advertisements. 
  • Holdings:
    • PRL Oct. 19-Nov. 2, 1957

Bell Island Examiner check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Began publication: Dec. 22, 1955.
  • Last issue located: Nov. 26, 1957.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher: Examiner Pub. Co.
  • Editor: Eric A. Seymour.
  • Printer: Robinson & Co.
  • Description:
    The Bell Island Examiner contained local news, some provincial and national news, personal, social and club news, sports, ferry schedules, radio listings, and local history. The editorials concerned local issues such as high prices, local development, the need to patronize local merchants and the question of fluoridation.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1956-1957] Microfilm
    • PRL [1955-1956] (JNM 46) Original
    • PRL [1956-1957] Microfilm

Bell Island Miner

  • Place of publication: Wabana Mines
  • Began publication: Mar. 29, 1913.(3)
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Proprietors:
    • W. M. Dooley and M. Cook, 1913-1926?
    • Ellen English and James Miller, 1926- ?
  • Editor:
    • W. M. Dooley, 1913-1926?
    • Bessie B. English, 1926- ?
  • Description:
    The June 16, 1913 issue of the original Bell Island Miner contained local, personal and social news, letters to the editor, poetry and serial fiction, public notices and advertisements. The editorial ridiculed W. F. Lloyd for denying the charge that he disinfected his office after the visit of some sealers. The Bell Island Miner was officially registered in 1913 and apparently was still being published in 1932.(4) For how long it continued after that is not known.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL June 16, 1913

Bell Island Miner

  • Place of publication: Wabana Mines
  • Only issue located: June 18, 1965.
  • Publisher: Mimeograph Printers. Ltd.
  • President: R. Pumphrey.
  • Assistant editor: M. E. Butler.
  • Description:
    The Bell Island Miner was a mimeographed publication which printed local news, sports, social news, stories and advertisements. It is not known if any other issues were published.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL June 18, 1965 (JNM 46)

Bell Island Reporter

  • Place of publication:
    • West Mines, Bell Island, Nov. 15, 1958-Nov. 22, 1959.
    • St. John's, Nov. 29, 1959-June 16, 1966.
  • Began publication: Nov. 15, 1958.
  • Last issue located: June 16, 1966.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Title varies:
    • Bell Island Reporter, Nov. 15, 1958-Oct. 14, 1960.  
      (check MUN Holdings)
    • Reporter, Oct. 21, 1960-July 22, 1965.  (check MUN Holdings)
    • Bell Island Reporter, Aug. 5, 1965-June 16, 1966.  
      (check MUN Holdings)
  • Publisher:
    • Ron Pumphrey Enterprises, Jan. 1959-Feb. 19, 1960.
    • Riv Burke & Tony Thomas, Feb. 26-Oct. 14, 1960.
    • Riv Burke, Oct. 21, 1960-June 16, 1966.
  • Editor:
    • Ron Pumphrey, Jan. 24, 1959-Feb. 19, 1960.
    • Riv Burke, Oct. 21, 1960-June 16, 1966.
  • Description:
    The Bell Island Reporter was a mimeographed, at times sensational, newspaper published for Bell Island readers and featuring local news, social news and sports. It also included letters to the editor, advertisements, government notices and a teens' column. The editorials dealt almost entirely with local concerns, most notably the closing of the Bell Island iron mine in 1966.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1962, 1964] Original
    • MUN 1958-[1959-1960, 1965-1966] Microfilm
    • PRL 1958-[1959-1960, 1965-1966] Original and microfilm

Bell Island Times check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Bell Island
  • Began publication: Feb. 8, 1954.
  • Last issue located: May 8, 1954.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher: Bell Island Times Publishing Co.
  • Printer: Robinson & Co.
  • Editor: Don Morris.
  • Description:
    The Bell Island Times featured local news, sports and history. It included a women's page and religious column, comics and odd bits of foreign news. The editorials were non-controversial, usually encouraging local improvement and development.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN Feb. 8-May 8, 1954 Microfilm
    • PRL Feb. 8-May 8, 1954 Microfilm and original

Bell Islander

  • Place of publication: Wabana?
  • Dates of publication: 194 ?-194 ?
  • Description:
    The Bell Islander was probably published in the 1940's. It ceased publication after a fire destroyed the printing equipment. An editorial in the first issue of the Bell Island Times (5) is the only source of information about the Bell Islander.
  • No holdings recorded.

Black Tickle and Domino Informer

  • Place of publication: Black Tickle
  • Earliest issue located: Jan. 1986 (v. 2, no. 1).
  • Latest issue located: May 1986 (v. 2, no. 2).
  • Publisher: Black Tickle/Domino Newsletter Committee.
  • Editor: Gordon Keefe.
  • Description:
    The Black Tickle and Domino Informer was a photocopied publication that featured local news, letters to the editor, personal, social and club news, sports and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN Jan., May 1986.

Blow-Me-Down Bulletin

  • Place of publication: Lark Harbour
  • Dates of publication: Nov. 1995-Nov. 1997.
  • Editor: Stuart L. Harvey.
  • Frequency: Monthly.
  • Description:
    The Blow-Me-Down Bulletin was local newsletter "for the people of the Outer Bay of Islands, Newfoundland." It was issued free of charge in paper format as well as on the Internet.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN Nov. 1995-Nov. 1997. 

Brigus Vindicator see Vindicator and Brigus Reporter 

Burgeo Lamplighter check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Burgeo
  • Only issue located: July-Aug. 1970 (v. 1, no. 3).
  • Publisher: Not listed
  • Description:
    The single issue seen of the mimeographed community newsletter contains local news, history, sports and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN July-Aug. 1970.

Burin Peninsula Post see Post 

Carbonear Herald and Outport Telephone see Carbonear Herald and Railroad Journal

Carbonear Herald and Railroad Journal

  • Place of publication: Carbonear
  • Began publication: May 22, 1879.
  • Last issue located: Aug. 26, 1882.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Title varies:
    • Carbonear Herald and Outport Telephone, May 22, 1879-Feb. 22, 1882.  
      (check MUN Holdings)
    • Carbonear Herald and Railroad Journal, Mar. 17-Aug. 26, 1882.  
      (check MUN Holdings)
  • Publisher:
    • J. A. Rochfort, May 22, 1879-Mar. 1880.
    • E. J. Brennan, Mar. 1880-Aug. 26, 1882.
  • Description:
    The Carbonear Herald carried domestic and foreign news, fishing and shipping news, legislative proceedings, religious news, advertisements, serial fiction and poetry. Although it said it would be "giving independent and generous support to the government", the editorials were mainly concerned with development of the colony and analysis of foreign affairs. The Herald was an enthusiastic supporter of the railway, roads, education, fire organizations, public improvements and home industry.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1879-1882] Microfilm
    • PRL [1879-1882] Original and microfilm

Carbonear Sentinel and Conception Bay Advertiser see Sentinel and Conception Bay Advertiser 

Carbonear Star and Conception Bay Journal see Star and Conception Bay Journal

Caribou check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: St. George's
  • Dates of publication: Dec. 15, 1980-Mar. 30, 1987.
  • Frequency: Monthly.
  • Publisher: Federation of Newfoundland Indians.
  • Editors: Ivan J. White, Keith Pittman.
  • Description:
    The Caribou was published under the slogan "the voice of the Newfoundland Micmac." It carried news of the Federation of Newfoundland Indians, provincial and national news of interest to the Micmac peoples, personal profiles, advice on health and nutrition, advertisements, and articles on Micmac history and language. It was issued in tabloid format until January 1984 when it changed to a mimeographed newsletter.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1980-1987 Microfilm.
    • PRL 1980-1987 Original and microfilm

Carol Link check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:Labrador City
  • Earliest issue located: Feb. 26, 1970 (v. 1, issue 15).
  • Ceased publication: Jan. 20, 1972.
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Publisher: J. S. Robinson.
  • Editor: Paula Jardine, 1969?-Apr. 16, 1970.
  • Description:
    The Carol Link was a small mimeographed publication devoted to local and social news. It also included poetry, court news, church schedules, TV schedules, coming events and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1970]-1972 Microfilm
    • PRL [1970]-1972 Original and microfilm

Carol News check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:Labrador City.
  • Began publication: Oct. 28, 1965.
  • Last issue located: May 29, 1969.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Editors:
    • Helen Blackie and Marion Smith, Dec. 16, 1965-Feb. 3, 1966.
    • Marion Smith, Feb. 24, 1966-June 22, 1967.
    • Audrey Sumner, June 27, 1967-May 29, 1969.
  • Description:
    The Carol News was similar in format and contents to the Carol Link, and appears to be a forerunner of that publication.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1965]-[1969] Microfilm
    • PRL [1965]-[1969] Original and microfilm

Cartwright Courier check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:Cartwright
  • Began publication: Aug. 15, 1968.
  • Last issue located: Jan. 15, 1970.
  • Frequency: Semimonthly.
  • Editor:
    • Gordon Wiggens, Aug. 15, 1968-Apr. 15, 1969.
    • Kathy Williamson, Apr. 30, 1969.
  • Description:
    The Cartwright Courier was produced by volunteers and carried Labrador news, especially for the communities of Cartwright, Packs Harbour and Happy Valley. It had social and personal news, a women's page, advertisements, MUN extension news, articles on Labrador history and contributions from local poets. Editorials were confined to local interests.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1968-1969 Microfilm
    • PRL 1968-1969 Microfilm
    • PRL 1968-1970 Original

Castle Hill Reporter

  • Place of publication:Dunville and St. John's
  • Earliest issue located: Feb. 16, 1964.
  • Last issue located: Mar. 30, 1965.
  • Frequency: Biweekly.
  • Location:
    • Dunville, Feb. 16, 1964.
    • St. John's, Mar. 19-Apr. 16, 1964
    • Dunville, Mar. 17-30, 1965.
  • Editors:
    • E. Yetman, Feb. 16, 1965.
    • R. Ryan, Apr. 13, 1965.
    • E. Yetman, Mar. 17, 30, 1965.
  • Description:
    Intended "for residents of Placentia, Freshwater, Dunville & Jerseyside", theCastle Hill Reporter printed local, club, social and church news. Published in mimeographed format, it also included a teen column, advertisements and humor. The issue for Mar. 19, 1964 is numbered v. 1, no. 1, but there was at least one issue published before that date.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL [1964-1965] (JNM 34)

Cee Bee Times see Conception Bay Times 


  • Place of publication:Placentia
  • Began publication: Feb. 24, 1997
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Publishing Company: Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing Ltd.
  • Publisher: Derek Hiscock
  • Editor: Sharon Whalen
  • Description:
    The Charter began publication shortly after the announcement that there would be a large nickel smelter and refinery established in the region. It carries local and provincial news, syndicated columns, local sports, editorials and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 3 months only
    • PRL 1997-

Chronicle see

Churchill Falls Mini Press check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Churchill Falls
  • Began publication: Sept. 28, 1979.
  • Last issue located: Oct. 6, 1982.
  • Frequency:
    • Biweekly (irregular), 1979-1980.
    • Monthly (irregular), 1981-Oct. 6, 1982.
  • Publisher: Not listed.
  • Description:
    The Churchill Falls Mini Press confined itself to church and club news, social news, local gossip, school and teen news, local sports, entertainment and humour. It contained advertisements and government notices but had no editorials. It was produced by photostat.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1979]-1982 Microfilm
    • PRL [1979]-1982 Original and microfilm

Churchill Falls North Star check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:Churchill Falls
  • Only issue located: July 17, 1967 (v. 1, no. 2)
  • Editor: Brian Dunphy.
  • Description:
    This small mimeographed newsletter included local news.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN July 17, 1967


  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Officially registered: July 23, 1908.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Proprietors: C. E. Russell and K. S. Barnes.
  • No holdings recorded.

Clarenville Packet see Packet

Coaster check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:Harbour Breton
  • Dates of publication: Sept. 9, 1978-
  • Frequency:
    • Biweekly, Sept. 9, 1978-June 21, 1980.
    • Weekly, July 5, 1980-.
  • Publisher:
    • Bebb Publishing, Sept. 9, 1978-May 24, 1980.
    • Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing Ltd., June 7,1980-
  • Editor: Bernard Bromley, Sept. 9, 1978-May 24, 1980.
  • Managing editor: Ron Ennis, June 7, 1980?-
  • Description:
    The Coaster was started by Bernard Bromley, who later published the Northern Pen. It had no connection with a previous south coast newspaper, the Foghorn, which folded earlier in the same year (Sept. 9, 1978). Bromley sold the paper to Robinson-Blackmore because of the difficulties encountered in running two papers in widely separated locations(6). TheCoaster features local and provincial news, sports, entertainment, advertisements and reprints from other Robinson-Blackmore newspapers.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 3 months only
    • PRL 1978-

Colonist see Newfoundland Colonist


  • Place of publication:St. John's
  • Only issue located: Oct. 30, 1869 (v. 1, no. 25)
  • Officially registered: Sept. 3, 1869.
  • Frequency: 3 times a week.
  • Publisher: John Thomas Burton.
  • Description:
    The only issue of the Comet available was devoted to arguing about the benefits of Confederation.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN Oct. 30, 1869 (CNS Archives)

Commercial Journal see Newfoundland Commercial Journal

Common Estate

  • Place of publication:Brighton
  • Began publication: Jan. 22, 1974.
  • Latest issue located: June 24, 1974.
  • Frequency: Monthly.
  • Publisher: Raines Publishing.
  • Editor: Lloyd Ryan.
  • Description:
    The Common Estate was a mimeographed publication "serving the communities of Robert's Arm, Pilley's Island, Card's Harbour, Jim's Cove, Triton and Brighton" and of strictly local interest.
  • Holdings:
    • PRL 1974 (JNM 2)

Compass check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Carbonear
  • Dates of publication: October 24, 1968-
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher: Robinson-Blackmore Printing & Publishing Ltd.
  • Editor:
    • Bill Bowman, -1994?
    • Heather May, 1994?-
  • Description:
    The Compass at first served as a community newspaper covering Conception Bay and Trinity Bay South. Later the coverage was extended to include St. Mary's Bay and Placentia Bay. For the first ten years of its life, the Compass contained almost entirely community news with separate columns for the happenings in each community, mostly social, personal, school and club news. In more recent issues, provincial news had been added and the community columns eliminated. The paper also contains poetry submitted by readers, television listings, government notices, fisheries news, advertisements, and letters to the editor. The editorials deal mostly with local matters and are often reprinted from other Robinson-Blackmore publications.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 3 months only Original
    • MUN 1968-1993 Microfilm
    • PRL 1968- Original
    • PRL 1968-1993 Microfilm

Conception Bay Courier check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Bay Roberts
  • Dates of publication: Oct. 22, 1991-June 19, 1993.
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Publishing Company: Canadian Newspaper Co. Ltd.
  • Publisher: Robert A. McKenzie
  • Description:
    The Conception Bay Courier was distributed free with the Evening Telegram in the communities from Brigus to Victoria. It offered local news and sports coverage.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1991-1993 On microfilm with Evening Telegram
    • PRL 1991-1993 Original

Conception-Bay Man check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Harbour Grace
  • Began publication: Sept. 3, 1856.
  • Last issue located: Feb. 16, 1859.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Editor & proprietor: George Webber.
  • Description:
    The Conception-Bay Man published foreign and domestic news, shipping news, poetry, literature and advertisements. The paper described its role as follows, "It matters not whether the government be in the hands of Whigs or Tories, Liberals or Conservatives, all are subject to venality and all require the constant supervision of an independent and uncompromising public press" (May 6, 1857). Liberal in outlook itself, the paper had little use for the "self styled Liberals" in the Little government whom it saw as complacent, free-spending, corrupt and ineffective. The editor took a dim view of their programs for free trade, direct steam communication and the telegraph, but was proud to be the first paper to record the completion of the Transatlantic Cable in 1858.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1856-1859 Microfilm
    • PRL 1856-1859 Original and microfilm

Conception-Bay Mercury check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:Harbour Grace
  • Began publication: Apr. 17, 1829.
  • Last issue located: June 24, 1842.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Editor & proprietor: W. S. Comer.
  • Description:
    The Conception-Bay Mercury was printed by W.S. Comer, who also ran a stationary store in Harbour Grace. It included foreign and shipping news, legal notices, court proceedings, advertisements, occasional letters to the editor and news items from St. John's papers. There were local news items which mainly described fires, unusual weather or accidents. The paper was editorially noncontroversial and not obviously sectarian. In 1832 it drew fire from the Public Ledger for a special issue which condoned participants in a Harbour Grace riot. The Conception-Bay Mercury's side of the story is unfortunately not available because no issues for 1832 have been located.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1829, 1834 Microfilm
    • MUN 1835-1836, 1839, 1841-1842 Original
    • PANL Dec. 16, 1831 Original (Special items cabinet drawer 4)
    • PRL 1829, 1834 Microfilm

Conception Bay Times check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:
    • St. John's, Jan. 1961-May? 1963.
    • Clarke's Beach, June 1963-1969.
  • Earliest issue located: Jan. 1961.
  • Ceased publication: Dec. 1969.
  • Frequency: Monthly.
  • Title varies:
    • Cee Bee Times, Jan.-Feb. 1961.
    • Times, Mar. 1961.
    • Conception Bay Times, Apr. 1961-1969.
  • Publisher:
    • Ron Pumphrey Enterprises, Jan.-May? 1963.
    • Edgar A. Russell, June 1963-1969.
  • Editor:
    • Ron Pumphrey, Jan. 1961-May? 1963.
    • Edgar A. Russell, June 1963-1969.
  • Description:
    Although it styled itself as "the voice and choice of Conception Bay", the earlier issues of this mimeographed, magazine-like publication were put together and printed in St. John's. It contained news of communities on Conception Bay, social and personal news, church and club news, local sports, fishing news, advertisements and government notices. The editorials dealt with local topics. The publication ceased at the end of 1969 when the editor became a full time officer of Oxfam.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN [1963-1964, 1968-1969]
    • PRL [1961-1963] (JNM 34)

Confederate check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication:St. John's
  • Dates of publication: Apr. 7-July 16, 1948.
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher: Newfoundland Confederate Association.
  • Editor: Gregory J. Power.
  • Description:
    As its title implies, the Confederate devoted itself strictly to supporting Confederation with Canada immediately prior to the referendum on that matter. For the opposite viewpoint, see the Independent. The paper was registered by J. R. Smallwood under the name of F. Gordon Bradley. The editor, G. J. Power, became Smallwood's administrative assistant after Confederation(7).
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1948 Microfilm
    • PANL [1948] Original (Special items cabinet)
    • PRL 1948 Original and microfilm

Constitution check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Dates of publication: 1883-1884?
  • Frequency: Weekly.
  • Publisher: Frederick W. Bowden.
  • Other editions: Our Country.
  • Description:
    Subtitled "Weekly Edition of 'Our Country'", the Constitution published foreign and local news, poetry, fiction, advertisements, and commercial and shipping news. The three issues located included the last installments of a series of 28 editorials opposing the railway. The Evening Mercury was lambasted in every issue.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN Nov. 3-7, 1883 Microfilm


  • Place of publication: St. John's
  • Began publication: Oct. 21, 1844.
  • Last issue located: Dec. 28, 1878.
  • Frequency:
    • Three times a week, Oct. 21, 1844-Oct. 3, 1845.
    • Semiweekly, Oct. 8, 1845-Feb. 1848.
    • Three times a week, Apr. 1848-June 2, 1849.
    • Semiweekly, June 6, 1849-1873.
    • Weekly (irregular), 1875-Dec. 28, 1878.
  • Title varies:
    • Morning Courier and General Advertiser, Oct. 21, 1844- May 5, 1847.  
      (check MUN Holdings)
    • Morning Courier, May 8, 1847-Feb. 16, 1853.  (check MUN Holdings)
    • Courier, Feb. 19, 1853-Dec. 28, 1878.  (check MUN Holdings)
  • Printer & Publisher:
    • William Beck, Oct. 21, 1844-Mar. 31, 1845.
    • Richard L. Daley, Apr. 4, 1845-Jan. 31, 1846.
    • Stephen John Daniel, Feb. 7-May 9, 1846.
    • Joseph Woods, May 13, 1846-Sept. 15, 1850.
  • Proprietor: Stephen John Daniel, Apr. 4, 1845-May 9, 1846.
  • Publisher & Proprietor:
    • Joseph Woods, Sept. 18, 1850-Sept. 23,1871.
    • John Woods, Sept. 27, 1871-Dec. 28, 1878.
  • Editor:
    • Stephen John Daniel, Oct. 21, 1844-May 9, 1846.
    • James Seaton, May 13, 1846-Jan. 2, 1849.
    • Philip F. Little?, 1849.
    • Mr. Morris, 1850-1851.
    • Joseph Woods, 1852-?
  • Description:
    The Courier started out as a politically neutral paper, "devoted to commercial, agricultural and literary subjects; and local and foreign news." It vowed to be a "faithful and impartial chronicler of events ... without adapting that line of conduct which has been heretofore so profitably pursued by certain journals in keeping society in Newfoundland in a continual state of turbulence and political frenzy ..." (Oct. 21, 1844). When S. J. Daniel retired due to ill health, Joseph Woods became proprietor and James Seaton became editor. Although both were Wesleyans, they were later to become bitter rivals. Conservative at this time, the Courier opposed the Patriot and supported Responsible Government, assuring Henry Winton of the Public Ledger, "Responsible Government so far from being the revolutionary system which he dreads, is the most harmless thing imaginable and possesses no novelty whatever except the name" (Feb. 19, 1848). Seaton resigned at the beginning of 1849 to go to the Times and later started his own rival newspaper, the Express. It is possible that Philip F. Little was editor for the remainder of 1849, although he later denied it.(8)

    After Seaton left, the Courier became a Liberal paper, supporting Responsible Government and the Kent Administration. Although opposed to the Hoyles government which followed, the paper applauded his appointment as Chief Justice in 1865 and approved of Carter and coalition government. "We regard amalgamation, or coalition, as the system best suited to the wants and peculiarities in this colony" (Apr. 15, 1865). In about 1866, the paper began to express great admiration for C. F. Bennett and, with the Chronicle, became known as one of Bennett's newspapers.

    Initially favoring Confederation, the Courier became increasingly antagonistic to the idea and its supporters after 1869. The paper opposed the second Carter administration and the construction of the railway, expressing concern about the engineering difficulties and the tax burden and accurately prophesied: "If we are year after year to go on increasing our liabilities at the rate indicated by the proposers of the Railway Subsidy, the end will be either Colonial bankruptcy or Confederation" (Mar. 18, 1876). 
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1844-[1845]-[1847-1848]-1873,1875-1878 Microfilm
    • PANL 1862-1873 Microfilm
    • PRL 1844-[1845]-[1847-1848]-1873,1875-1878 Original and microfilm

The Cove check MUN Holdings

  • Place of publication: Arnold's Cove.
  • Began publication: Feb. 20, 1974.
  • Last issue located: Aug. 20, 1975.
  • Frequency: Biweekly.
  • Publisher:
    • Arnold's Cove Development Committee, Feb. 20- Sept. 18, 1974.
    • Lions Club of Arnold's Cove, Oct, 25, 1974-Aug. 20, 1975.
  • Editors:
    • Lynn Guérin
    • Tom Osbourne.
  • Description:
    The Cove was a mimeographed publication that included mainly social, personal and club news. It also offered poetry, reminiscences and stories by locals, letters to the editor, town council news, public notices and advertisements.
  • Holdings:
    • MUN 1974-1975 Microfilm
    • PRL 1974-1975 Original and microfilm