DistancePlus Mail Delivery Service

DistancePlus is a service that delivers library materials to your home in the mail. Mail delivery is free for eligible students and faculty.

Who is eligible?

You're eligible for DistancePlus if you are a:

  • currently enrolled student
  • currently teaching faculty member

and you live inside Canada, but outside of the Corner Brook or St. John’s areas.

Requesting DistancePlus mail delivery

  1. Log in to OneSearch and find the item you need
  2. Select Request under the item record and choose DistancePlus as your pickup location
  3. Make sure that your address is up-to-date in Memorial Self-Service

We may contact you via MUN email if we need additional information about your request or mailing address.

We will send you a return envelope with prepaid return shipping so you can return the item when it’s due.

Questions about DistancePlus?