Loan Period


User Group Loan Period
Undergraduates 2 weeks
Alumni 2 weeks
Guests 2 weeks
Faculty 4 months
Graduate Students 4 months
Honours Undergraduates  4 months
Post-Doctoral Fellows 4 months
Research Assistants 4 months
Staff 4 months


Print Journals

User GroupTypeLoan Period
Faculty Back Issues 1 week
  Current Issues* 1 week (QEII only. In-Library Use Only for all other libraries)
All Students & Staff Back Issues 1 week
  Current Issues* In-Library Use Only
Alumni & Guests Back Issues In-Library Use Only
  Current Issues* In-Library Use Only

*The definition of "current" may differ by branch. Please contact your library's Circulation Department for details.

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Music Resource Centre

User GroupFormatLoan Period
Undergraduates  Scores 2 weeks
Faculty, graduate students, staff Scores 4 months 
Alumni Scores 1 week
Faculty, students, staff CDs, LPs, Cassette Tapes 1 week
Faculty, students, staff Video Cassettes, Laser Discs, DVDs 1 week
MUN School of Music Faculty Collected works, historical sets 24 hours


 Education Library

User GroupFormatLoan Period

Undergraduates, Graduate Students,
Faculty & Staff

K-12 Current Textbooks 2 weeks
All Children’s Literature 2 Weeks
Restricted for use by trained professionals Ed Psych Inventories 12 – 24 hours