In Person Borrowing from Other Libraries

Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL) Borrowing Card

Why Do I Want One?

The CAUL Borrowing Card lets you borrow from all CAUL/CDBUA and participating CURBA libraries

Who Can Have One?

All Memorial faculty and students are eligible.

How Can I Get One?

MUN users can contact the Circulation Desk at any of our libraries. DistancePlus users can contact or to request a card.

How Do I Use It?

You will need to show both your CAUL Card and your university ID when borrowing at other institutions.

You will be given the corresponding borrowing privileges at the visiting institution.  For example:

  • A MUN faculty member or student visiting a university library in the Atlantic provinces will be given the same borrowing privileges as a faculty member or student at that university

Visiting From Another Institution?

Welcome! You have all the borrowing privileges you would at your own institution with the CAUL/CBUA card, with the exception of the the following:

  • Holds
  • Recalls
  • Intercampus Loans
  • Interlibrary Loans

How Do I Return Items?

It’s easy! You can return any items borrowed on a CAUL Card to any CAUL/CDBUA library.

What Happens with Overdue Items and Recalls?

The rules and regulations of the lending library will apply. If there are fines, the lending library will follow normal procedures. In outstanding cases, MUN Libraries will be notified and will ensure regulations are met.